New batch, 2/4 plants seem "stunted"

Hey all.

This is my 2nd round in this tent, upgraded to dual HLG Sabre bars for this round, went with 4 plants; 2 White Widow, 2 Black Widow. All organic, FF Ocean Forest amended with Earth Dust. Both of the White Widow plants seem happy and well, yet both the Black Widow plants seem weak and unhealthy. One is stunted and I had to prop it up because it was falling over, the other stands up but is incredibly small. All of these were germinated and planted at the same time, you can see how much the Black Widows are struggling comparatively. Growing medium, conditions and watering has been identical for all 4.


Some plants grow slower than others. They’ll catch up.


Do u use ro water. Do u ph the water if not. Looks like she might need some cal mag or is that a slight burn? I KNOW THERE IS SOME KIND OF PROBLEM but man it still lools cool as heck like that. Lol

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I understand that, but why do they also look yellowish/discolored? If these 2 plants were by themselves, I’d be assuming I screwed something up but the 2 White plants seem perfectly happy so I’m a bit confused. Just don’t want these 2 plants to die off.

I use filtered tap water, filtering with this: Boogie Blue Plus+ Inline Water Filter

PH ranges about 6.5-7.0. I don’t think it’s PH or the water because the 2 White Widow plants seem perfectly content and same with the light position; I have it placed where recommended by HLG and the 2 White’s aren’t suffering burn or lack of calcium.

The 2 Black Widow’s definitely don’t seem happy, though. :worried:

I’m not a fox farms guy but isn’t ocean forest the hot one? Maybe it’s too much for the black but not the white?

Not that I’m aware of or have seen mentioned prior, plus it was recommended to use this type of soil in conjunction with the Earth Dust so the microorganisms have stuff to munch on and do their thing. The soil is PH adjusted to the optimal range right out of the package. It’s fully organic.

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