New automatic cannabis grow system

#1 I am sure it’s way overpriced but it does give a look at where the industry is going


There’s a couple trying to get into the small fully automatic grow boxes now. But yes all I’ve seen are pretty steep priced.


Competition brings price down. Never know in another 5 years


Yep very true. I like the idea of the automation. The prices on that small scale automation stuff is what makes it so high. As that drops in price it’ll be a lot easier for us to adopt some of it into our grows.


Yep, in the day and age of automation and AI this makes perfect sense. I’ve been following these companies that are painting the vision but I’m really curious to see how this company actually performs.

I can see the recurring revenue for them too, nutrition bottles, co2 refills and so on.

I’m sure they will come up with the Seedo XL pretty soon and have an entire product line. I’ll be watching.


Nice tomatoes LOL

Why? I don’t know about everyone else, but I love playing with and monitoring my plants!


I think about all the people who work out of town. Like I was a truck driver gone for weeks at a time. It would be nice knowing you could leave and be able to watch it grow from a camera. And I really just like technology.


Not everyone is retired and makes it their job to grow their buds bro. Not putting you down at all, it’s rad, I wish I had as much time to spend on this… But realistically, I’m looking for the easiest way to grow and be as hands off as possible.

Will I buy this thing? Hell no. Looks like a gimmick to me, and those lights in there, won’t grow anything like our QBs do. But what I said still holds, most people are juggling a full time job and other things that keep them pretty damn busy.

I work full time, have a commute and the list goes on… trust me, if I could hit the “auto” button, I would. I would rather click the auto button at work and do this manually, but it’s not a reasonable thought for me to have :wink:


Tech when used in cool applications is great. For me, tech is starting to look awesome in healthcare. Social media on the other hand, not so much.


I have the remotely monitored temp/rH, and I think it’s pretty cool. I can set alarms and everything :wink:



So far, I have a camera mounted that gives me live remote access to see them anytime. I also have my temp/humidity meter in the line of sight.

The camera is also creating a week long time-lapse to see the “breathing” the plant goes through as it’s stretching. Should be fun to see when it’s done early next week.

I just picked up some wifi enabled power strips which are rad for remotely turning stuff off/on but they don’t have failsafe built in so after some testing I’m choosing not to use them for now on my grow.


FYI - I had 25 years of 48-72 hour shifts at home, and 2-4 month deployments - You’ll get there young man, if you plan ahead :wink:


Oh dude, please don’t take that statement as lack of respect for your life accomplishments. I see it in your style dude. You got shit done.

You have earned your current situation 10 times over I’m sure. So no disrespect was intended at all. I’m just not even close :wink: As you said, I gotta keep going.


Didn’t take it as such, just providing motivation for you to not be a lazy ass :wink:


Right on man :+1:t3:


Oh, and I never had a goal to be rich - just comfortable. That helps :slight_smile:


Hey @Whodat66. Read a rumor 2 days ago you were starting a tinfoil hat club. If ya do, keep in mind never enter grow area without it activated, or risk radiation poisoning.


Ahhhh, no you are mistaken - I was selling tin-foil hats to that club. Pure capitalism :wink:


The investment would be worth it if they were bigger. It looks like it would only hold 1 plant at a time. I really liked the systems as I’m very familiar with automation, but at the end of the day it just didn’t seem big enough.


I recently found this. Don’t know if they would work in a grow room :slight_smile: