New autoflower grower help!

@Shaneo420. You got some very nice growth goin on my man. Looks really good all spread out. :wink::+1::v:

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Damn those girls look great. Keep up the good work.


I appreciate that thank you

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Day 43 WW Autos by Seedsman flowering well, starting to smell awesome in here! Trellis nets will be here tomorrow and I’ll set that up and send some pics after they grow through a little

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Alfred69 i’m having the same problem with this computer stuff. i will tag you and hope you will tag me. to tag someone just put an @ in front of the name @alfred69 . This is my second grow and i’m keeping a half assed journel and have some pictures that are uploaded but arent always there. Everythng i think i know came from ilgm and the seeds have been great so far. i bought 20 seeds and grow 6 plants and put the unused seed in a dark warm place. Best of luck to you