New auto seed in germination, need help

I’m a new growner, I fail one auto sour diesel seed on vegetable stage cuz “wind burn” or “nitrogen toxins” im sure I was wind burn cuz I get new fan I position in front so next day she had leaf claw and I was not problem water cuz I have another one with variagate genetic or tabacoo virus but she is healthy so yesterday I soak one need seed with filter water and h2o2 but I have a question I runoff the pot that was the plant die so that ph is 7 i runoff with 66 oz of filter water I good to reused the soil i. In happy frog farm soil ph adjustable any suggestions welcomed
I can post pic of how is look the soil but for my is wet

@Low, @Mark0427

Need some advice @HappyHydroGrower, @2GreenThumbs, @MrPeat thanks you

How big is the pot with the soil your’re using?

As long as you flush is out well and mix it up you should be just fine.

Try to get the ph 6.0-6.5

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@Low weve all trued with him. Seems like he dont wanna listen to what the vets say or what anyone says. Plant looks nothing like windburn in his other post. Look major over or underwatered. Maybe an issue but dont look like wind burn to me from pics. He has discolored leaves that looks like it is from sitting on the soil while wet the rest looks either over otr under watered.


I feel like there is a misunderstanding happening somewhere…


Flush that pot/soil you want to re use with distilled water.
3 times bigger. So it’s it’s 5 run 15 gallons through. Ph the last one, and add 3ML calmag…

I’d also like to say, it’s better to fail in the beginning. It’s the best way to learn. Generally this will put you at an advantage later in your growing career.
Just document everything for reference.

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Ok well u work alone with him and see if 1 person can get to a conclusion with him. A suggestion pops up and bam thats the cause. It really dont look like wind burn did u see the pic im talking about??

This is his plant he is talking about windburn

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Yeah bro, I’ve been following along the whole time, trying to help.

It’s ok. Truly he can only learn on his own. It’s ok if he kills 1 or 20, as long as he has the resources to keep pushing, he will get it. Probably will be a better gardener because of early mistakes. :+1:


I agree with under/over watering. Also, how far is the light from canopy, what kind of light?


I’m pretty sure that plant is gone… there are a lot of discussions on it already.

I believe this one is primarily in regards to PH of the soil he is re using.


Pick yourself up some gallons of water to do the flush if you can… distilled is your best bet, make sure the last one you at least PH.

@Mark0427 sorry bro how u explain to me leaf claw is look under watering went I feed her 1/2 gallon and been 3 day she don’t recovery? And the other one I was feed same way and is healthy I look on so many what was the problem and win burn leaf is the only answer cuz if a plant need water she start slow leaf down but I was one day to other all leaf curvy down and I’m in auto if any plant on auto don’t recovery in 3 days is a problem but thanks for you help bro

@NavyVet420 is not I can talk you cuz how you trade you plant how you maybe know what happens if you have two plant trade same water feed and pH and both look healthy one night you move you fan to the plants and soil is moisture down and dry on top but some leaf are claw you feed 16 oz of water cuz you hear is under water two days later you feed 1/2 gallon and still claw leaf

Light are 23" from the pot

@Low my pot is 5gl fiber
I flush one time with filter water that run pH on 7


Get the PH down.

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@Low OK I have the seed on soak with h2o2 I send the pic later how look the pot to see if I can get the seed on the soil in 2 days

@Low I have a gallon ready to full of water and my water filter is same pH that distilled water


The soil PH needs to come down, need to flush out all the old nutrients.

@Low how many time I flushed the soil with 6.4 water?

10-15 gallons of water to flush.

Doesn’t all have to be PH, but if you can good.

Just the last gallon or 2 make 6.0-6.5
If you have cal mag add it in.

Remember you can’t ph water with less than 100ppm. There’s nothing to pH. Need calmag or tap.


That’s why cheap ph meters jump around in distilled or ro or zero water. There’s no ph, it will take on the ph of the soil without something added then phd

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