New Auto Run FastBuds V Anesia

@Jaysittinback thanks brother! Do you know when I should take the leaves out?

I was thinjking about that, how maybe the wet leaf will run out of water anyway and wont contribute too much excess. Like it may be not urgent to remove it at all. I dunno man :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Yeahhh it’s a difficult one aint it

Stay encouraged with the seed germination. It can be frustrating, I’ve had a few lately that didn’t germinate; I made some improvements, one from a batch didn’t germinate again (likely bad batch), a different strain/breeder seed had no problems at all. Improve wherever you can, but also sometimes there are dud seeds.


Look who decided to pop out the ground right next to the bpp :laughing:

This is the 2nd pineapple runtz that I thought failed to germ, I replaced it with a Banana purple punch and this sprouted right next to it :rofl: she she got her own pot now, she’s been reinvited to the disco :sunglasses:


This the gorilla cookies now

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Oh…. And we have a few other autos and photos going too :sunglasses: please welcome:

Grape gushers auto

Gorilla zkittlez auto

Banana purple punch auto

U.F.O.G & Black Cherry Crush (photos)

And last but not least the GDP x Bruce Banner (photo)


Let her dance!!!

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How long was it total for her to finally show her face?? So glad she made it, I remember you were getting pretty frustrated at the fail rate. This outta make you feel reinvigorated!! :smiley:

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Hehehhe yeah it has restored a little self faith in myelf :laughing: ermmm about 10 days I think it was bro from going in the soil from the glass of water to sprouting? Around there anyways

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