New Auto Run. Cremewalker (CookiesNCreme x Skywalker)

Hey have a new grow started. They are Cremewalker Autos. They are Cookies N Creme crossed with Skywalker. We shall see how they do.


Looking forward to it :v:

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The babies are looking amazing. :heart_eyes:

Growing up fast!

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Yes they are.

The autos are looking good this morning before their lights out lol

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Get those babies put into their final home in the next couple of days. Autos don’t like the transplant stress, best to do it ASAP and they’re looking about like they’ve outgrown those containers. (Already! Dang man, that was quick!)

Yeah I’m doing the grow in the 2 liter bottles just to see how big of an effect that it has on it. It’s like the solo cup challenge just in 2 liter bottles lol

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The three girls at ten days above ground. They are doing good it seems. I am also doing this full grow in the 2 liter bottles. Why not lol.

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Lol go for it man. My solo cup is a beast.
Don’t forget to FIM! :joy:

Ok I may put my foot in mouth but whats FIM lmao :rofl: I have been so busy with day job plus working a Second job. Then having to tend to my babies here it’s exhausting :rofl: but I like my Second job since it’s a strain tester. Lol :laughing:

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About 2 weeks old and growing fast and big.

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FIM is “f**k I missed”. It’s like topping the plant but not quite.

Read about it here: FIM'ing Cannabis

Nicky is a boss. So is Bossman (his cat). :v: