New auto grower

Hey guys just wanted to start a thread because I’m going to be popping seeds in soil and couple in soil n one jn paper towel any day waiting on them to get here. Using ffof with cheap cheap soil on top for seedlings


Im into my first auto grow as well. Im using the same soil and my plants are doing awesome. Good luck and happy growin :call_me_hand:

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Love my autos

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Ok awesome guys I’m trying to not use nothing and just use the soil and not do nutes unless I find good ones rather not use cheap stuff but if have to i will but I’m doing led bulbs off shelf seen lots of grows that worked fine and going to get bout 12 and make a panel type set up and toss couple blurples type bulbs in also if all works out I’ve done reg seeds with house bulbs and done good just bad genes and hermied got to be bout 6ft tall n one male popped and all 3 females turned and stopped growing buds and starting nothing but sacks really shitty lol but I waited n now with the strains i decided I’ll try n order online n got seeds from seedsman got 3 royal dwarfs autos by RQS and 1 blue dream auto by fast buds and got 3 free northern lights autos by seedsman should be her this week so I’m anxious as hell lmao. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Well eventually the soil WILL run out of nutrients before your plants are finished so I would suggest you start planning on what your going to use. I personally use the General Hydroponics Flora series and use the lucas formula. Its cost efficient as well. How many watts each are the bulbs you are going to use?


The bulbs are the 9 watt LED for lamps and stuff and the one I got fir flowering is a 250 watt true red grow light but I got several of the soft white and warm white and couple grow type led bulbs that are the blurple and their 9 watt but 65 equivalent

What size area are you growing in?

3 are 5 gal buckets and 1 is a 3 gal in a spare room

Do you have it separated with anything? Like panda film or any kind of foil board? Those light bulbs aren’t gonna be anywhere near enough light for your plants. Maybe get by in veg but your node spacing will be spaced apart. A good light isn’t terrible to purchase or diy. For around 220.00 you can have a really nice light for seed to harvest!

No what u mean separated lol . I wish I had the money to drop on led panel I’d shitting in high cotton then bub lmao taking care of my family and my grand parents to puts it all in a tight pinch and can’t spare just in case hospital bills or something breaks down


Completely understandable brother!

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I don’t know what u mean separated lol

Here’s how I’m doing my lights

Like having a small, confined grow space for better light reflection or are you just wide open in a bedroom?

No I’m gonna close it off some how or do this thing seen on YouTube make a frame for each plant surround it with mylar so I can create it’s own single tent for each plant with a few hook screws in ceiling and some cablee to frame then I suspend it and can move it up and down with frame and light on different cable with own wire so i can drop it closer so far these are the lights i got left I hit couple taking caps off and the red one is last one I’ll try to use in flower cause the heat I’ll have to watch it closely

And it’s a big room why I gotta make it smaller probably gonna get some of the insulation at Lowe’s for home but it has the reflective side and cut it tall so I make a new wall with it and seal it so no leaks

But I’m trying to hide back some here and there to at least get one if the Mars hydro 300w or 6 can’t remember it was 89 sumn on amazon

I’m gonna do a journal and label it cheap as grow and never know it make be huge it’s mainly from what i see and read not stunning them or stressing them at all for the first 4 weeks or so but first couple weeks will fuck em up n get a plant that’s 6 inches no growth really just few fans and a bud seen a lot that did it so I’ve already got my self in the point I’m not watering em til weight it’s back to what it was at dry dry or close to it n at least 2 days jn between

Im not so sure you should have that red heat lamp dude. Thats not anything you want over your plants

I know I’m just going keep it low and a good foot away just to add heat and lil red to em in flower but not close enough to burn em n if temp gets to high I’ll cut it