New auto grow synergy genetics

New setup up and running if anyone wants to grow along with me. Feel free to give me any tips along the way.
Strains are
2x Surper Silver Haze Auto Fem
2x Zkittles berry blast Auto Fem


Keep it simple and allow them to grow , be patient stick to the 3-6-9-12 rule and run 3-0-0 , than 2-3-1 ad in flower do 1-3-3 and you’ll be golden with that Diablo Scorpion :scorpion:!

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Is that a nutrient ratio combination you recommend? I’m feeding canna coco nutrients they say to add equal amounts of part A and B throughout the whole grow they do have a few other additives to run during flower. They dont seem to do a specific veg or flower mix.

@Bjg that’s N.P.K. ratio not nutrients but nutrient percentages per one tablespoon of ingredients , makes sense !