New at this indoor top feed hydroponic

I got this Flora series stuff, the three plants still have not budged not even 1mm, its like they are frozen in time!
Should I try this quick start stuff?

Yes, only 1/4 tsp of it though

It calls for a tea spoon in 5 gal water, so 1/4 tesp in 5 quarts? Since they are in little pots now, should I just water them heavy or just put some directly on the roots with like a dropper or something?

Yes 1/4 per 5qtrs, water them lightly

Sorry i was out of it…lol

All good no biggie

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OK, I mixed the Rapid Start with 5.7 ph water, 1/2 teaspoon with 2.5 gal of water, the PPM is 250
I used a dropper and put some around the base of the plants

Should I only use it once? Or should I water them with the Rapid Start when ever the get dry soil on top

I have to keep a fan going in the room because it gets too hot in there, but the fan also dries out the top soil of the little containers

I have them sitting on top of the hydro system I built that I’m not using now. I’m using it as a humidifier basically. letting the air stones and pumps run to try to get the humidity up. I laid a towel on top of the container and let the water run onto it and with the fan blowing across the wet towel it seems to help raise the humidity

Look how tiny they still are after two weeks since sprouting

You got this dude, be patient. That’s my hardest part is to wait. Drives me crazy. These guys all told me if the top is not showing growth it just means the roots are growing. Wait and when the roots are established Boom you’ll get growth. :grinning: keep it up man. You got this.


You wanna use the rapid start maybe once a week until she is ready for transplant than when they are ready for transplant wing them off of it