New at this farming stuff

Hi to all. I was gifted a extra plant. I was told its a Blue Dream. She was in rough but stable shape when I got her. I wanted to attach a few pics to get some feed back on her condition and gather intel for next season. Im in central Va. To give a idea on the climate here. Any help would be awsome . What strains for nxt year. Ill be growing outdoors so roughly 9 hrs of sun per day.

Any help on what stage its in would help too.

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Welcome to the forum. Our outdoor folks will chime in soon. I believe we have a few in your climate zone.

Plant is looking healthy. Could use some additional nutrients. What are you feeding her?
You’ll need to find a good cannabis nutrient regime and stick with it. I’ve been growing indoors with hydroponics but I have grown outside before. It just gets too hot and then too wet/humid during flowering in Texas to do well for me.
You have to keep your flowers dry or risk bud rot in humid environments.

Here is the fertilizers I bought. I used a half dose twice over a week of Grow Big. And 1 dose half dose of Tiger Bloom today because my buddy told me too. Lol

Excellent. I’ve heard good things about that in this forum. And your doing the half dose, less is more with cannabis I’ve read. Once you start doing ppm and pH checks you can raise or lower your nutrient dose based on runoff.
Here’s a schedule with recommended dosage levels

I did buy a PH probe. I checked it today and its at 6. So I added a little baking soda to the soil and its been drizzling off and on all day. But im going to check it again later.This may a stupid question but ppm how do you check that? Its parts per million right?

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You might try some dolomite to raise your pH too. It gives her some calcium and magnesium which cannabis love and are sometimes in need.

Ok sounds good thank you. Any idea what stage she’s in? Weeks? IDK lol

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Shoot one more question. Is it ok to mix those fertilizer together?

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I think your shooting for an early October harvest. Since you are growing outdoors, that chart is referencing indoor grow. Keep an eye on the “Light Hours” on the feeding chart. I’d say your in week 4 for the next 2 weeks. Then proceed to follow the schedule for the remaining weeks week 5 to harvest.

@T-Heels Central Virginia here too. I use the Fox Farm Trio. I use it at half strength on my auto flowers but I feed my Gold Leaf photo full strength but not giving her tiger bloom until she starts to flower.

This is my 3rd grow (all otdoors) I’m a novice but I’ve had pretty good luck so far just by paying a lot of attention to what they are doing.

Good Luck


Yes you mix together, and I agree with @LateNightGardner on week 4 for another week or 2, then flower should start. You might want to pick up some sledgehammer for flushing, and open sesame, bestie bloomz, and cha ching, follow the schedule she with grow very well. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

Have fun with the blue dream! This year we chose Super Silver Haze, Bruce Banner, and Super Skunk (we did not have enough room for a 4th outside, and currently we do not have working grow lights to run it on the inside). Each one was selected because of its mold resistance, or high adaptability. Since our climate can be extremely varied in just a weeks time frame, you are really going to want to consider that when you are selecting strains.

Next year, we will only be running two into this 10x24x10 greenhouse, and as you can see, its a little bit crowded. Also we are going to be looking at giving Durban Poison and Afghani a shot in there next year. We really love those strains, and they just so happen to fit the bill for dealing with our climate. This is our first run in an outside environment, but have been growing on the inside for quite some time (until recently when the lights unfortunately malfunctioned).

A fun tip, in the mornings, or just after it rains, while your in flowering (or a finicky plant in veg) gently shake the excess water off, it will really help with avoiding molds, mildews, and rots. Good luck and happy growing!

Edited because the picture was not uploaded

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