New at all this hoping for some help

Hey man they looking good ?

Now see how dry they look in photo that’s right when you wanna water …THROUGHOUT the plants life that is a good dry

Thanks so I’ll wait to it’s nice and dry but at the same time looking at the plants to see what they are telling me if I should water light or leave it alone when it pertains to watering

Light watering just now and we will wait for it to dry up again thanks

Perfect nice dribble

Man I don’t know what’s going on here some off my plants are all dropped the leaves my ppm for the water was 380 I’m on well water just got some reverse osmosis water ph was 35 just ph it to 6.3 I dug down a bit and the soil felt moist a bit now I’m not sure if I should wait a day and see what the look like or if I should water like I have been every day around the edges I will post some pics up now

Look good man some times a perk up take a lil while to happen just dont drench you could benifit with a dome and getting your humidity up at this point

Done let’s see

Perfect!! When the leaves hit the cup they should be hearty

Hey man thanks it seems to be working now how long should I keep the cups on the plant and I’m guessing that I only water the dome when dry ?
Should I water the soil ?

When the leaves out grow the cups diameter you should he past the " delicate seedling stage " I mean once they get a lil bigger like 3rd set of leaves showing … my friend had a plant 20 years ago we wanted to see how hearty a weed was… we put motor oil in the soil for a couple weeks and didn’t kill the plant… after seedling stage beside breaking the stalk at the soil there hard to kill

I was looking at your lights…what kinda bulbs are u using are those incandescents or halogen type heat lamps? If so there on the lowest teir for usuable light per watt … I see color is not optimal either u want to get you a couple squiggly 23 watt cfl bulbs in 6500k for seedlings and

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Get 3 y splitters… and 2 packs of bulbs (they break easy) you can make a good for od shaped configurations more then 3 dont fit well under the biggest reflector at home depot but you can just make a top hat outta tinfoil … I actually made a whole dome out of tin foil with the lights INSIDE the dome didn’t need a separate reflector the dome was the reflector essentially 15$ ull be jammin

I got 2 lights like this one seem to work good full spectrum I really should have 3 but for now it’s good plants like the light grow well last year I sprouted and worked well …thanks for you help man I think you saved the plants they are looking much better I put some holes top of cup so they can breath I should leave cups of for a bit in between watering or should I just water when dry I’ve read people saying to keep them off for half an hr so they can breath but idk

Welcome your in the right place to get good advice I did notice you are in peat which your ph should be closer to 5.8 now I don’t know your plans but if your final pot is peat based that should be your ph goal also. In peat you should never let your soil completely dry .I’ve heard it’s near impossible to rehydrate if completely dry now I am a soil grower not a. Pro mix grower but you have organic fertilizer in your starting mix the bag says it’s good for 3 months would like to hear from other pro mix grower good luck with your grow

Peat has a naturally low ph in the low 5s but those look like they will work for young plants

Thanks for your comments I have some super soil to put the plants into 1g pots then veg for a bit and put them in 10g or15g fabric pots I plant to veg the plants before putting them outside so your saying I should ph at 5.8 I’m was at 6.5 just lowers it to 6.3 and your saying 5.8 why ?

In peat you are not in soil you are in a hybrid hydro set up which requires a lower ph ,you are going into a super. Soil so the 6.5 is correct just wanted to awnser your ph question and saw. The pro mix because your media will dictate your ph . Looking good :+1: your other question was. About nutrients, make sure you have a ppm meter and learn. How to measure runoff ppm I grow in fox farm ocean forest and I usually don’t start feeding until my runoff drops bellow 800 sometimes that takes up to 8 weeks sometimes less some push more that’s just my method I’ve had success with

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Is it to early to see the runoff should I wait till they are a bit bigger ?