New at all this hoping for some help

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They look cloudy no amber as I can see what do you guys think starting of week 8


Pretty but yeah no amber

My 2 outdoor plants what y’all think ?

At week the start of week 10 I’m seeing some Amber but still seeing some whit hairs what do you all thing what’s the best time to chop I was thinking one more week idk as this is my first grow

Pure kush :arrow_up:

Amaranth Juice :arrow_up:

Bubble kush⬆️
What do you all think this grow started Jan 1 2021???

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Well going to chop in 2 or 3 days my outdoor is doing well even though the weather has been shit in Ontario bagged seed is staring to flower :cherry_blossom: white widow is done it’s stretch but not much hair yet hope I have time to flower in Ontario

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Ok friends today is chop day about 18 hrs of darkness then chop and cure hope this all works out for the best pictures to follow later today thanks for all your help

Lucky you!

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Chop chop

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just fantastic.

@FullyMedicated @Mr_Wormwood @sparky66 @MrPeat @Myfriendis410 @plumbdand
Thanks for all your help it’s 58RH 17 degrees first harvest ever any suggestions?

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only one suggestion. let it dry and enjoy. lol. ain’t nothing better than sitting bavk and enjoying a bowl/joint of your own home grown. @Pedrogunz