New at all this hoping for some help

They look great


Damn they look really happy man

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Thanks man it’s tuff to try and keep on top of the plants while being a full time working and a family life but so far I love the growing experience and will keep getting better at the craft more pictures and updates to follow

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I’d say PH is off. Leaves can do this from too much water also.

Looking good.

Are you saying to wait till they drop before watering ?

Starting my current grow I had a similar issue with leaves looking like that. I was overwatering a bit and had forgotten to adjust PH so the seedlings had a bit if a rough start. The whole watering process can be tough to dial in especially if growing in soil. My last grow I switched to Autopots and it’s made the whole growing process much easier for me and the results are pretty amazing. Got 6.5oz off of a single autoflower. currently have two Banana Kush and a Bergmans Goldleaf feminized going and they’re growing incredibly fast. It looks like whatever issue you were having you’ve gotten a handle on it. Plants are looking good.

Could you explain what issue your talking about? I just feel like i missed something

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In @Pedrogunz post#127 early pics he had a bit of yellow patches starting on the leaves. I was just saying that I had a similar issue that was from too much water and not having the water properly PH’d.

Understood yes it is very difficult watering i hear y’all still learning it’s a daily thing for me as a new grower any opinion is help

@Captn_Cannabis well just upped the water from every 3 days to every other day 1L for bubble kush and pure kush and 1.5 for tangerine dream this week end top dress and defoliation next will be everyday water and more of it I think first timer here lol thanks for all your help some pics


Looking nice and healthy!