New at all this hoping for some help

Hello this is my first grow been reading all sorts of stuff hard to understand what’s true and what’s not.

I’m hoping I found the right community to join thanks for your help.

Picture as follows
Got 6 seeds sprouted using paper towel
The seedlings are about 3 days old

Holding temperature at about 23c humidity at about 70% misting with water about once a day should I wet the whole medium by the stem or around the edge ?

How long should I keep them covered?
When should I feed ?
I’ll also send pick of soil I started in.


Spray the walls of the dome for about another week then you can remove once first real leaves come out

True leaves are out so took off cover

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No those are singles I mention first full 3 finger leaf that is out and open…not just sticking out the top …another week I said

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And ur dirt is very wet… do not soak your soil at this point its crucial


Ok I’ll wait another week it’s just the leaves where touching the top plastic didn’t wat to hurt it thanks so wait till 3 leaves out then take cover off ok I’ll keep you posted thanks man


Is 6.5 ph on water good ?

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Welcome to the site. If they are touching the dome I’d remove the dome. You don’t want to damage those little leaves. As @fano_man your soil looks wet, let it dry out more the plants don’t like wet feet all the time. You have some stretching going on. You may want to lower the light, support the stems and get a very light breeze going to help strengthen them up.


Tomorrow I’ll take the cover off have the lights at 5 inc guess I’ll drop it to 3 inc or use my spider farmer 4000 where should I keep the humidity at 65 ?

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That is what I’d shoot for with humidity. You may want to keep light where it is, with the dome off the light will no longer be filtered by the plastic.

So we iv done that now I guess I should keep them like that until I get 3 leafs popping out oh water at 6.5 water around the edges every day or as needed should I wait till it has more leaves before turning on spider farmer sp4000

I guess going to feed nutrition staring the second week ?

The only water they should see until tap root is established is to mist the dome they are under. Once plant has developed a tap root you can transplant. No nutes until the first set of leaves (cotyledons) yellow. If in soil, no nutes at all! If in coco or Promix soilless, very low TDS once transplanted.

You are seeing some seedling stretch so if it were mine I’d lower lights a bit to manage the stem.

You can avoid PH’ing seedlings by simply using distilled or R/O water.

How often should the dome be watered?

When its see through and has no condensation re spray the dome sides it will keep humidity up and everything will stay moist not wet untill dome comes off

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What he said! :point_up_2:

Day 5 have not seen to much growth stretching has stoped I’m guessing at this stage the Roots are growing ??

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Bingo if there standing and leaning tword light there happy

Thanks man much appreciate :white_check_mark:
I’ve been watering 6.5 ph very light just a bit by the base and around the edges to promote root growth from what I understand I’m guessing to start nuts after 2 weeks

7 day old what do you think do they look good watered them last night Heavy they got all saggy today they look better as far as growth is concerned do they look fine for day 7 I’m also watering around edge of pot what do you think ? Every day I give them girls a light mist …

Thanks man got you help this form is amazing for newbie