New appreciation for gardeners!

So about a month or so ago I had received a lot of extremely helpful advice here. about all the various components needed to setup my indoor tent garden. In addition to that I bought my seeds a couple weeks earlier from here. Plus the grow kit from aPotforaPot site.

Several non-gardening situations got in the way of me getting my indoor tent garden up and running until just very recently. But as of yesterday I finally had the time to open up the growing kit from the APotforaPot site. And…well, in the kit it mentions that it should only take about 45 minutes to get the kit fully setup by following the instructions.

Today, now, about 36 hours later, I’m finally on (just) step 3 of the instructions. AND, well, I now understand why I’ve had such difficulty in years past even just growing regular plants. To put it simply my experience and knowledge of computers tech, does NOT transfer well at all into gardening techniques.

Because even with how straight forward and direct the instructions are (which I’m very grateful for)! It has been taken me an extremely long time for me to essentially comprehend the NON computer steps.

And the part about the PH levels, oh yikes, that’s been a big time brain teaser for me in itself! Even with the PH test pen.

But all of this has given me a major appreciation for the “A Pot for a Pot” kit and its detailed instructions. PLUS especially a new appreciation and better understanding of the process all the types of gardeners out there go through on a regular basis.

Overall, I’m just glad this site, this forum and the Pot for a Pot site are here, to make it possible for non-gardeners like myself, to able to (hopefully) grow marijuana plants! (I say hopefully because I’ve still got a long way to go to get through the instructions to get the seeds TOO actually grow.)

Anyway, I best continue with the growing kit’s instructions now. I want to get my first L.S.D. seed in the growing pot. :slight_smile:


You will get there as long as u dont make it complicated for yourself ur best of using the k.i.s.s method dont over think things dont over water and dont over feed and don’t stress out over little things just take a deep breath and relax and dont micro manage your grow cause you will make mistakes just like we all have done when we started out and most importantly enjoy your growing have fun with it dont expect to much for ur first grow cause when u expect big things and it doesnt pan out like you hoped for u most people give up but if u expect less then when u find out wat ur plant had produced and its more then wat u expected its happy days


pH is super easy to get the hang of. Take a cup of tap water and stick the pH pen into the water be mindful of the depth u can stich the pH meter in to not ruin the pen but leave it in for about 30 seconds or so. What the numbers show is what the pH of the water is. U use pH up and or down to adjust the pH of the mix or water u use. So if in soil u use a pH of 6.5 to 6.8 if coco u use a pH of 5.8 to 6.2ish. pH up is not as strong as the pH down is. Like one drop of down can take pH level down pretty dramatic if not alot of nutes in the mix. pH up on other hand is a bit more to get it going you’ll see as u use it. Start off with a drop at a time to see where it takes u. What kind of pH meter did u happen to get a good pH meter is a must as pH needs to be on track or it will cause major issues and lockouts lots of help here for u so should have. O issues getting thru a good grow. May come upon some hurdles but there r enough guys and gals here to help boost u over them hurdles. We r all a family here who share all knowledge with each other.

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I’ll give a shout out for A Pot for Pot too. Grew one plant in one on my first grow and though she was small (genetics, I think…) she was a beauty and produced 2.25 oz of smokeable.

Good luck! P4P claims you don’t need to worry about pH - I did adjust mine to 6.5 throughout. A friend just put his tap water straight in and also grew 2 oz his first time.

My girl grew so well she won plant of the month in January, which came with a nice coupon for lots more seeds. I have two of my current plants in P4P and two in coco.

All I would add is microorganisms, no fertilizer. I used just Recharge last time, this time that plus Fish Sh!t.


Hey @Aussie_autos Sorry for my really late response! It’s been a hectic week! However everything you said, VERY true! I definitely do tend to over complicate things, lol!!

But overall I thank you for the advice!!

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@Mark0427 yeah, I more-or-less understand the ph meter situation now, though when I realized the instruction indicated that filtered water could be used in place of the whole ph measuring. THAT really made EVERYTHING a whole lot easier! :laughing: :grin: :smile:

But even so, thank you for the input! I’m definitely grateful for the heads up!!


@Fiz Plant of the month?!? This is something I haven’t heard about. Well, then again, I’ve been jumping back and forth between so many different things, I missed it. Is the plant of the month contest through this site, or somewhere else?

Also thanks for the heads up!!


It was through A Pot For Pot, which I used to grow her.


OH!!! WOW!! I didn’t realize the “A Pot for a Pot” site did that! Thanks for the heads up! :grin:

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I didn’t either! I believe @Twelve1 put me on to it.

There you go!

Harvest day


Guilty! :judge:

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I remembered the right person this time!!! I have to admit, I still like looking back at pics of little Lucy.

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Look we all have done it our selfs specially when we first started out growing every new grower does @MWriter once you get the hang of growing and you get more relaxed you will be flying just have fun growing thats what its all about


LOL! I won the contest April last year, not sure I mentioned that. I still have the coupon, too, lol, can’t decide what/when new seeds I’ll get.

@MWriter Congrats on being a new grower! I’ve successfully used four Pot4Pot kits, and I’m not sure when I would have started growing without them. Taylor in customer support is great. I’ve never PHd, only added RO water. My last grow I did use a bloom nute, which kept the leaves greener for longer; you’ll likely find that autos especially can get yellow leaves towards the middle/end of flowering, but my homegrow weed is great and better than from the dispensary (my experience).

Also, mentioned above, don’t overwater. It can be tempting to reach for the water bucket, but as Pot4Pot and others say, water when the pot is light. Seedlings in the jiffy pellet should be just barely moist; I’d use a few drops on the outside of it about every other day, maybe every day if the air was dry. Your soil should still be moist when you transplant it to the big pot, so you won’t need to water it for a few days, and when you do, water in a circle outside of the plant area. Weed likes cycles of wet and then dry.

Always feel free to ask questions on this forum, it’s a great place to be, many chill and experienced growers.

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