New and could use some advice

Hello! New to growing and first time on a forum ever. Found a couple seeds and decided now was the time to start learning the grow process. Strains Doug’s Varin, Purple Punch, and possibly Grandaddy Purp. Not auto’s. 4x5 tent, 1200w vispar full spectrum LED.

5 weeks into flowering and after a watering I hurt my plants.

I’ve spent hours looking up possible issues and too many have similar symptoms. I was running high on Nitrogen so I stopped, then I think I got low so I started adding it back in slowly.
Current nutrition Every 3-4 days
Filtered water using a final filter to get Chlorine out ph at 6.4ish
RH usually around 48% (added a temp/RH photo)
Temp 75 day 68-70 night

Forgot one.

Welcome! If you could post natural lighting pictures when you get a second. It’ll be much easier to understand what’s happening.

All of your newer growth looks really good, I suspect that the issues you had, you’ve recovered. Maybe a few others will share their opinion.


Thanks! I’ll get some tonight.

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I also added a little H2O2 about 12 days ago and again 6 days ago as a recommendation by a grow supply store.

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@Covertgrower, forgot to do the @ mention thing. Thanks for the help!!

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To me it looks like magnesium deficiency. And a little bit of nutrient burn too.
You could start feeding epsom salt, and that should help. For the most part it looks like you may have started feeding magnesium at some point, because not all of them show it. Am I right?

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Remember it kills all of the beneficial bacteria and fungi in your medium. So don’t forget to add some back in after treatment.

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I didn’t know that, good to know.

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Just the kool bloom and I gave it to all of them at the same time. Started with 3ml per gallon and then moved to 5ml per gallon recommended usage on the container. Did it every other watering. It has magnesium phosphate, potassium phosphate, and potassium sulfate.

@Covertgrower… so I caught a mistake that might help the issue. I checked my pH of the water and adjusted it BEFORE adding my nutes. Checked the solution this morning before watering with my base/blooming nutes, only needed a third of my pH down. I was running super acidic. :roll_eyes:

That happens, check after you add nutrients. :wink:

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