New and confused -didn’t think just jumped in

And this is straight water won’t put nutrients in till nov 19th

Well good news is a have a healthy plant that’s roots grew a lot in a short period of time. However the leaf looks yellow to me.

Then we have bad news… I don’t think this guy will make it. Even though the roots looked good he isn’t growing at all.

So I don’t know what to do with it. But I’m going to wait it out and see.

If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!!!

Have you watered it any since 4 days ago?

@Holmes yes when I transplanted it. It was dry again today and I watered it again. I added some mykos booster to it.

On the good plant one of the leaves is yellowing. Is that lack of calcium or what?

Are you sure it did not get wet while watering, and it never touches soil? Should not need much of anything at this stage! And make sure your PH is stable before watering! If you aerate your water, PH will drift up! I forgot what medium are you in!

Coco and perlite

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Your coco was prebuffered right? Coco does hold onto cal. mag. and iron so you may want to bump your cal. up some! Do you have runoff on any of your waterings?

Ok. Let me see if I have any cal. That’s what I though was cal. Yes my ppm is great

This one looks great.

This one looks awful

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Bottom pic ,she looks way too wet! :thinking:Let her dry some. Top one looks good :grin:

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Funny thing is it’s dry. But I’m going to let it dry more.

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So I’m struggling some. The good plant has yellowing on the tops and the bad plant is growing at a slow pace. But it’s ok. As long as it grows lol. I have no idea what I’m doing and why the leaves are yellowing but it’s growing at an alarming rate. Lol. Anyways if anyone has any idea of why these newer leaves are yellowing please let me know.

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@Holmes @JaneQP @Eagles009 @Unknown @Newolhead @pptrsha1

Forgot to tag some people :grinning:


Thanks for the tag my friend maybe this will help a little bit to compare have u fed any cal mag? What about light height? Sorry let me catch up lol

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Thanks for tag Ludog, I’m going to have to defer though, I’m a soil guy. All I can add is to maybe check your light height now they are going into full on veg?

Yes I just fed calcium. Lights is about 12”. It’s full on first week of veg. Coco perlight soil. Water runs out quick. Then it sucks back up throughout the day

@Unknown @Newolhead

I’m thinking the light is to close bro, 16"-18" for veg, you might be scalding the leaves. These guys will chime in as well. Take a look at your light literature too, it might say it on that how far they recommend for each stage. 12" is more for the flowering stage I believe

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I’m with this. Raise her up and see how she responds.


Outa likes but agree with the above. Give it 18 inches. An just another opinion @Covertgrower lol

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An one way to see about light is put ur hand on top of the canopy, u feeling heat, a little to close @LuDog