New and appreaciating of any advice!

Hello there! I had my random baggie of seeds and decided to see what happens finally. I’m a gardener, and worked at a greenhouse last summer, so i’m pretty good with the basics of watering, transplanting, identifying most basic issues, etc. But I’m completely new to this!
Growing in soil
Growing indoors
Purchased Fox Farms fertilizer trio
Totally unknown seeds
Distilled water
Currently two babies

My closest neighbors are approx 300 feet away. I’ll only have 1-2 plants. Do you think I’ll have any issues just opening the window when airflow is needed?
I have a reptile water dripper which I plan to use for vinegar for cO2 drips. Should I buy a smaller plastic greenhouse for inside to keep the environment even more contained? Should I keep this drip going at all times?

Waiting on cfl bulbs. As I said, this was totally unplanned. I didnt really expect my seeds to sprout, so I’m working with what I can get as I can get it. Cutrently have a led light 60w 800 lumens and led grow light 7w with 36 red and 12 blue. Too much? Too little?
Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!!

Here’s a couple pictures. Absolutely not permanent, but trying to do the best I can for now as it was a totally unexpected journey! They’ll be separated soon!


Welcome @bailleaf I’m new also, best advice I can give you is find an administrator and they can can get you caught up with more. I know a few to shout out to but this guy @Countryboyjvd1971 is a great source to start with good luck.

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Welcome @bailleaf and thanks for the tag @Jamie1234
Youll need around 600 watts of light for flowering to get the big dense buds we all like
Two 300 watt led fixtures would be a good start you can get them fairly inexpensive
The lights you have sound more like propagation lights and should work well for the first month or so
If indoor and onlu doing a fee plants a small grow tent is a good idea and a few fans will be needed
As far as the smell
Depending on strain? they can get real stinky in flower
I grow in my basement and run carbon filters on both h my intake and exhaust fans zero smells and no one is the wiser
I say why risk people finding out even if in a legal state i feel the less people know tbe better off you are