New 5x5tent advice

New to the site about to run autos 2.0 in organic soil. I want to get a new tent and new light(s). I was thinking a 5x5 tent. I have looked at Mars hlg fohse. Just need some help on best setup. May add another room and switch to photo in the future

Have you ever grown before ?

I have outside. First time with autos

How many autos do you plan on doing 12 would fit rather comfortably but you’d need a lot of light a hlg scorpion or 2 hlg 320s could do it( or close to 4+ 1000-2000s mars hydros or spider farmers) along with at least one strong exhaust fan ac infinity t6 or t8 would be my choice

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I’d like to do the to do 12-15. I haven’t got the tent yet. The scorpion is becoming my 1st choice for light with the Mars hydro tent. But I if I could order a tent with everything but the light that would make life easier.

Yeah I’m currently in same spot as you I’m an outdoor grower first time inside but I have grown autos. But I have my tent and coco n nutrients but I’ve been debating between the HLG scorpion rspec and the light my buddy recommended the phaser x660 pro and I’m running a 4x4x6.5 But I’m ordering by next week so gotta make my choice soon! :weary:

If you’re ready to spend enough to buy the Scorpion, you’re ready to spend enough to set up a nice 5x5. I’d advise looking at the whole setup, an working out a purchase list for everything under an overall budget. I’d also look at buying multiple fixtures instead of a single large one; what do you do temporarily when your single fixture breaks? Multiple fixtures offer redundancy.

I’d also think about how much dried flower you actually need, and make sure you’re not producing something like 5x the amount you need.

Lastly, I would absolutely avoid “complete kits.”


Well I personally enjoy consuming more than most and have close friends that need strong edibles because they are in pain management plans. Edibles greatly reduce need for other meds. I do agree on a back up light. I have a old2014 ufo 225watt led. I used once for flowering a succulent. Now sure how devastating it would be if I had to switch down to its power. Strong flavor is main priority. I wanted to just order a kit since electronics not my thing but I’m starting to think I can put it together now.
A good build list is what I need to link to.

How much flower do you actually want (in a given timeframe)?

Welcome ! HLG definitely a good choice,
Two HLG 260 v2 rspec XL lights will efficiently light your 4x4 space . Also give you a little flexibility with two lights and less money. I’ll tag @dbrn32 for opinion on the scorpion. Good luck

@Yogastoned Best tent that’s a 5x5 that I’ve gotten my hands on so far is the ACInfinity 5x5 and it blows my Vivosun 5x5 out of the water.

Hope this helps in your decision :grin:

Thanks the 5x5 goes back in stock tomorrow. Looks like a great deal.

That’s a hard question to answer. But I have never had a problem of too much. Just store it properly and enjoy it a year later. I also may only be able to do two grows a year depended on how time consuming this is. Thanks I will be getting two lights from hlg. Instead of the one big boy. And hopefully a uva30 when thats available again.

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Certainly some tents have a better build quality than others, but I think the most important thing is the zipper quality. Past that I would try to save money on the tent.

Once you have your tent, Sit in your dark empty tent with room lights on for 20 minutes. Leave all devices on inside the tent (except grow lights). Leave all lights on in the room outside the tent. You do that without looking at your phone, and you’ll see even the smallest leaks. I have a roll of tape to mark them on the inside. You can cover them on the outside of the tent with a black cloth tape or black silicone sealant, and I imagine there are other solutions as well.

As far as in-line fans go, most people are over-ventilating their tents, because conventional thinking around this formed when most people were using HID lights. Heat was the challenge back then, but LEDs introduce much less heat into the tent than equivalent HID lights.

You’ll need a fan that can exhaust stale air, bring in fresh air with CO2, and remove excess heat. But a 4” fan on a low setting might be enough for those purposes.

The AC infinity systems with thermostat/humidistat controllers are extremely slick. Another option is a complete controller, like an Apollo or Titan. They can control lights, humidity, temperature, and CO2, as long as you have compatible devices.

Ate a hash cookie and been overly lite since 10 this morning but time to get shit done now. Will eat 1/4 next time. Ordered the tent, the filter, and control went with ac infinity