New 4x2 tent setup for autos

ProMix BX - no trim or training

Living soil water only - 1 and 4 training method

Living soil with fert - topped

im interested in seeing how your topped autos do.

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This is a Girl Scout Cookie auto that was topped after it grew for @ 6 months and never flowered.

I put it on the back porch and a couple weeks later it had 4 shoots that shot up so I cut them to clone (failure). When it started getting cold I went to bring it in and noticed it was starting to flower. This is it now about 5 weeks after it started to flower…

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The Girl Scout Cookie auto got some spreading

Runtz autos

Living soil water that was topped

1 side is single and getting trained. The other side split

Living soil w/fert 1 and 4 method. First training

PorMix w/fert no trimming yet.


Girl Scout Cookie is gettin nugafied!
Anyone think I should trim some of these leaves or wait?


I personally leave the sugar leaves until trimming, but that’s a highly varied answer. I try and remove as little as possible while still strategically defoliating because once a leaf gets past a certain point of development, you actually end up giving the plant a net loss in it’s light collecting potential (less solar panels means less power going to the house).


Yes they are slowing eating themselves away. I waited last grow until harvest to trim the last leaves. And when researching i have found some leave them and some trim.

With this being only my 2nd grow Im still looking into a lot of these options.

Ill probably harvest in the next 7-10 days on the Girl Scout.

I will say that I enjoy a good wet trim. I just finds it makes dry trim this much :pinching_hand:t4: less miserable. :joy:

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Ill trim them when I take it down. I assume thats still wet…


Hey, quick question… What’s the most and average weight y’all have gotten from a single auto once dried?

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A VERY rough estimate for a 4x4 wall to wall coverage would be just under a pound for a beginner, around a pound for the average gardener, and even up to 1.5 to 2 if you’re an absolute botanical freak beast.

From this, you kind of extrapolate depending on how much square footage your plant takes up. But again, very crude estimate I’d say.


In a 4x4 tent that would @ 3-4 autos? Botanical freak beast… lol

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