New 1st time grower

Hiya I’m new to all of this been smoking 20 years but never grown I’ve now invested in a 60-60-120 grow tent with a carbon filter and inline fane attached I’ve added photos of my set up all help and advice needed don’t wanna let em all die

guys forgot to say that the one with purple leaves is ak auto and the other ones are seeds that were given to me by a friend don’t no what the stain is the biggest seedling is a seed from friend

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Forgot to say my lights are by waykme 1200 Watts

You’re off to a good start. :+1:
35.3 c is pretty warm for the tent. 28 would be better for the plants if you can get it down to that.

Thanks for the reply having a real hard time doing that been checking every couple u of hours and if the soil is a bit dry I just use a spray bottle to dampen the soil I’m worried that my light is to close

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What height is it at ?
And too. No roots on the seedlings yet. Easy on the water. :wink::+1:

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About 8 inches they all seem to be doing OK been at that height since they broke through the soil

I’d raise the light a bit. Seedlings don’t need a lot to get going.
And don’t want to give them too much right at the start. Could fry them.
Try at 12-14 in for a bit and see how they do.
A lot of folks just use a cfl bulb or t-5 fixture to do their starts.

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OK I’ve got a domed heated propagator should I have left them in there

I wouldn’t bother putting them back in there. You can do it the way you are now with just raising the light a bit.

OK thanks I’ve got them on a 20 on 4 off time scale is that OK I might have photoperiod and autos together so that’s y I’m doing 20-4

That will work fine.

Misleading name your light is 213w, 5x5 and 6 plants around week 6 ,you will be needing 1 maybe 2 more lights. BTW I wish I had The room for a 5x5


Agree on the light. I am running 480 watts of quantum boards in a 4 x 4 and not regretting it or the expense. Well worth the money.

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I think 60x60x120 is centimeter, not inches. I think his tent is 2x2x4 feet


6 plants in a 2x2 ,oh my, I have 4 in a 4x4 and I need to kick one plant out. 2x2 is for one auto