New 1st Grow WW Auto - Plant Look Weak

I have 2 White Widow Auto that appear weak
after about 8 days old. Not sure if over watered
or they are ready to feed? I am doing an indoor
grow in tent 6x4x6 with my custom built hydro
system. I have a 2500w LED and a small 70w
LED for germination. Just a day or two ago they were looking happy, I did water them 2 days ago.
Please help, Thanks in advance.


What type of system is it? Asking because

They’re not getting any kind of solution?

Thanks for responding. I have a 2- bucket system and also a 10-slot Hydroponic system I am trying to start my grow. Going to start the 2-buckets first with these
two WW Auto’s. Was trying to get some input on the condition of these 2 plants.

Any other info needed? Let me know…thanks!