Neville's Haze Grow

began germination 1 aug 2015. Did topping, lollipopping, super cropping. set timer for 15 hour cycle. Now into the 25th week. suggested grow time was 13 - 14 weeks. Using T5 grow lights 3000k & 6500k & 2 225 Blue Red Orange White LED Plant Grow Light Panels as well. feel like it should be blooming faster or perhaps I need to cut back on time to 12 hour cycle?

Any positive suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

12/12 should be light schedule to start blooming anything more and it will veg indefinitely

Got it! Been getting impression 2 either move out other strains or put this one in closet with led’s on 12 hour cycle. Thanx 4 confirming my suspicion.

She will still take anywhere from 1-3weeks to start truly flowering by week 1/2-2 weeks you should see her showing hairs. Keep in mind she will stretch and get bigger for 2-3 weeks so keep a close eye on her since stretch can double or quadruple her size during that time resist urge to prune she will need every leaf she has for those huge buds you want :wink:

I AM getting white pistels now so shld move along quickly:-)Attempted 2 keep the canopy level across the whole plant. LED’s & 3000k T5’s weren’t added until later in the grow as budget permitted. Senior citizen & disabled vet so Social Sec is my only income & the Politicians screwed us out of this years increase so attempting 2 get most with wat I have:-) This Indoor Grow Tent Non Toxic Room 4x4x6.5ft

This is the hard time. The waiting for flowers, and trichomes watching. Don’t hurry your harvest, you will be able to see the different of the bud. From flowering to harvest is 8 weeks to 12 weeks and this varies also. Hope this helps some

Ps yes they suck, leave my money alone. I bet they got big raises. Bastards