Neverending flowering please help!

Please help my strawberry cough has been in flower for 3- 4 months now it just won’t finish off I’m not sure why or what to do ! I can take more pics if needed but I run viaperspectre p4000 led above this girl proco2 bucket currently was using fox farm switched to tps full line of nutes after a good flush thinking the change would help I also use snowstorm ultra and budcandy but I don’t even know what nutes to run cause she looks mid to late bloom to me when I should be finishing her off ! Anybody can help it mean the world! Also any tricks to finish flowering quicker would be helpful trick to have under my cap! Thanks
(It has been running hotter in my tent then normal around 90 degrees) I added CO2 mats as well don’t know if that matters



She is foxtailing. It is an end of life survival instinct trying to make seeds. If left much longer it could start to hermie. I would harvest sooner than later.
Actually, I see “nanners” on the tip of the bud in close up pic.


I’m curious auto or photo ? My 1st thoughts looking at bud structure ( genetics) Good luck finishing up . :fu::+1:

Longer dark period, lower light intensity, cooler temps.

It literally makes no measurable difference either way. (IMHO)

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What is nanners?

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Here’s a close up of one I had. See the creamy yellowish color, you have at least one on the tip of that bud.

It is a type of male “flower” and it can/will cause the plant to self-pollinate.
Good news is that any seeds produced will be the same as the parent. As in strain, fem, auto or photo etc.


good eyes, for sure!


Yes i see few of the flowers have it i just stuck it out side in the cold(55-65) and flushed it thanks for the help! Ill start my 2 week flawless finish flush

O photo only! never had good luck with autos they always flower way to fast and are super tiny! But my plants always take way longer than normal i dont lnow if its something i do maby overwater idk…

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This is often misunderstood. Too often better describes the problem, not too much at one time. Those fabric planters make it almost impossible to give too much at one time.