Never too late grow journal …

5 minutes till likes !!! Lolol
Thank you very much !!


Just figured out a perfect use for a hundred or so dispo paper bags ive saved !!


Surely you did not mean that, beautifully sticky , so yummy sticky, I can’t believe I grew this wonderful STICKY goodness. Can’t get this sticky at the disp sticky. Resin baby sticky !! But never disgusting sticky :no_entry_sign:

Lol sorry high as usual :grin: Think I’ll venture to my sticky garden now…puff puff pass peeps :metal:


Ok what I really meant was …
All the trichomes on this plant are in a parade …u know …marching …Baton twirling …
All in celebration of how the calyx under their little feet are swelling to proportions of a quintuplet pregnancy …

And of course one of the trichomes …her head became so heavy and oozing with amber sticky nectar …that she became uneasy on her feet (Her because …well males aren’t allowed on suzie ) and fell over onto the trichome next to her …
Which in turn created a domino effect of the entire parade collapsed on itself and become a giant pile of canna plasma …almost like something out of the blob …where it takes over the entire county of terpine…

If you think I’m lying zoom for yourself …

I really should start wearing gloves when cutting anything …licking my fingers after was not the best idea haha

Bottom of the plant flower and top

She’s firey


Man this is getting decent

I may just turn it down after a day or so to try and slow down the dry even more

Wear gloves. When you’re finished, put the gloves in the freezer. Let them freeze. Remove said sticky goodness.


I HAD no idea that just trimming that small amount would have been like that…I did read that somewhere a while ago and had forgotten …
Thanks for the reminder hahah

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Now that’s a beautiful description :heart_eyes: gave me goose bumps just imagining it.

Now that’s a disgusting sticky :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Dayum…that’s a fantastic idea :+1:

Not my idea. :slight_smile: It’s in Greg Green’s Cannabis Grow Bible.


Monkey’s undies! :monkey: :shorts:


I’m either crazy or removing larf has already been rewarded
I can swear this plant loved it
Or I’m crazy
Or both


:smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just because you’re right doesn’t mean you aren’t crazy!

Kinda like my old man used to say - just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.


I was pretty sure I was already crazy hahah

Should I use a dehumidifier in this situation?
I think I should just leave as is …want another opinion



Leave it. You don’t need it lower than it is.


That’s what I thought but I’m never afraid to ask others who know more than me even if it’s. A stupid question …
So is it getting this low because moisture is leaving the buds?

The leaves I left on …are getting crispy but the buds are definitely still wet

I do believe this is the way!

Thank you …

I’m also just wondering if the fan constantly sucking air out can dry it out too fast …

Guess I’m bored now with one plant left hahahah