Never too late grow journal …

No a 1.75L = Handle is $37 here.

If your gonna do all that, bubble/ice hash it…fast and clean. not sure on the loss in terps or potency. I bubble “Fresh Frozen” - terps and potency carry! Then I dissolve in EC to clean it up.

The green Ick can be minimized by jarring and leaving in the SUN, the UV will kill the Chlorophyll and filter out in a coffee filter approx. 20micron… ZigZag

No idea what the approach is to be honest, and I’d only be sharing experience not direction

Aaah. Yeah that would be bananas.

I’ll go find the directions I followed and repost - maybe y’all can steer me right. :laughing:

The method I followed was such:

  1. Put the shake/buds in a mason jar and throw it in the freezer for a few days - do the same with the Ever Clear
    (the colder the better)
  1. When you are ready to start the extraction-- pour HALF the EC into the jar with the buds and swirl it around for 1 min (mixing them for longer makes your outcome more green in color —> less mix time = more amber color)
  1. Put the plastic strainer on the 2nd jar and insert the paper coffee filter
  1. Strain out the contents of the 1st jar into the 2nd jar. You should have a greenish/amber juice.
  1. When the filter is empty…take the remaining 1/2 liter of EC and do it again - this time swirl it around for 2-3mins
  1. Pour your juice into the pyrex dish - and let all the alcohol evaporate out.

I’m presently at this stage so whatever comes next is a bit of a mystery. I am loaded up with PG/VG, diluent, terps, and some silicon containers to store stuff.

Damn that is much more liquid than I had …that’s more than all three of my washes combined …

I’d also try a different vessel
I that much liquid will evaporate quicker with a bigger surface area as you mentioned

And I think the bottle I got was $17
So I’ll be requesting shipments of EC …but don’t worry at the rate I’m going that won’t be till 2026!

Shit I feel awful like a steered you wrong
I hope I didn’t …
But also i forgot you aren’t making edibles when i answered earlier hahaha …I’m burnt !!

I think you’ll be fine just a long evap time

Amd how much material did you have JEEEEEZUZ

Also how did you take that pic ?
Break out the stilts ?

Lolol …

See …where he says …put buds or shake in a jar …he doesn’t say how much …amd then just says pour half the everclear …half may have been too much …but that deep green color you have …I’d filter that a few more times but be careful cause coffe filters also absorb and ypu could lose some

And number 2 states the more you shake the greener the outcome

Ya Bro. Its late I’m not sure where to actually start; I can help ya, as can many here. But I’m gonna ask that we take a full 5 steps backward and lets start with a new day. If in the interim, you wanna look at some photos and directions on this site of some of the ladies QWET processes, they are very good! You might see some derailleur’s or misinterprets.

LOL. You definitely didn’t. I know it’ll work fine. Like I said I had a boatload of trim, it was a full jar almost. If only I had a bigger glass dish. :rofl:


Yeah I didn’t think I shook it terribly long but the good news is I’m not picky. It was trim and it might suck but it’ll do the job. :wink:

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I imagine it’s green because he did not decarboxylate it…


It’s $45 where I have to get it (next state over)

And the money for gas…

Edit… that’s for a handle


Hmmm! That’s a good possibility. I hadn’t considered that.


I know because I have forgotten to decarb first and that’s how I knew… when I poured it out and it was green


So in theory then the borderline bioluminescent green is acceptable? :rofl: I plan to use it for vape carts, but I know I’ll need to decarb it somehow if I use it for anything else. The way it’s evaporating I’m wondering how much I’m gonna net from all this.


Round 3
The mob boss concentrate is perfect
Doesn’t stick to the jar and can be peeled right up like hard silly putty was very easy to weigh this one
That’s a gram the rest is tare weight


Final product
Mob Boss

Ate the small one and I am high as a kite


Lol exactly how I feel .as soon as that edible kicked in I took 4 hits off a Mob Boss J and I am toast


I’m wondering since the volume of liquid is high if you can wait until it’s getting stickier and put it in a container in the fridge and let it evap the rest in there ?
My ideas are usually horse crap so maybe not

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LOL. friend. Your ideas are usually gold, you just overanalyze yourself.

It’s evaporated about 2/3 now, so I’ve got a little ways to go but not too much. I think by the time my empty cartridges arrive, it’ll be ready to scrape and mix. No harm done IMO.

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SWEET !!! Was really hoping what you did would just come around with time …I’m interested to see the results …I don’t vape but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wanna try maybe to make some vape juice at some point hahah

And thanks for the flowers about the ideas but I’m a stoner !!! Hahahaha

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