Never Seen this

Free seeds from 420 celebration

Soil in pots ProMix HP

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.4

What is strength of nutrient mix? No nutes yet


Light system, size? DIY 5 LED stips 3500 K on 18/6

Temps; Day, Night steady 21 to 25 C.

Humidity; Day, Night 60%

Ventilation system; No


C02 No

Received these seeds free from local 420 celebration. Plants look strange to me. Any Ideas?


The above is the first plant. It’s only 10 cm tall.

The plant below is a little taller but looks to me like it’s starting to flower. They were both born on April 25th.


@dbrn32 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971

Do they look like balls? I can’t tell from your pictures Almost looks like a week after A fem


No expert but it looks like new growth to me id say give it a few days and see what it looks like

Did you FIM this plant?

@Aolelon Have not fimmed as yet.

That’s what it looks like, hmm


They do look like balls but it just sprouted on April 25. Isn’t it too young to show a sex?

Well I was gonna say that as well, no it’s been a month, some strains can show earlier then others, around 4-6 weeks is normal


I have had several grows completed and have been blessed with all female plants. I have never encountered a male but have seen pictures of them. This one looks totally different to me so I think it is a boy. Will post some close up pics when my phone charges.

First one looks male; second definitely female.

You say you have no ventilation. That will cause you problems.

Got me. I would agree pic 1 looks like male. Were these seeds labeled? Perhaps they are autos? Time frame seems about right.

@dbrn32 @Switchback @Aolelon @Hogmaster
Yes the first one is a male. First one I have ever had.

Just to confirm here is a closer pic.


Crazy, I was thinking that might be the case. It really does look like a fimd plant though a couple days after being cut. Sorry.

Get rid of it because it will pollinate anything else you have it has nuts it’s a boy


Balls lots of balls
Kill it kill it with fire
Especially if you have other “ladies” close by
Sorry it happens

I see the first is a boy
Kill it kill it with fire!!