Never seen this before! Any ideas?

Not much better

Are the leaves thickening? Could be looking at this the wrong way but the excess of some nutrients locks out other nutrients so it could be a toxicity and not deficient. Are you able to transplant them to pots?

I could transplant that one cause it’s still pretty small. What do you suggest? It’s only on my 2 white widows? These pics are of the second one which is much bigger and healthier but you can still see the same thing starting?

I would certainly pot them since I suspect the ph of your soil is a problem and almost impossible to flush them in the ground, ph needs to be thought of as 3 zones the water going in being first the root zone and then the run off. What you put in is known and in pots what comes out is known giving you a better indication of roughly what root zone is so A±B=C since we only realy know A at this point finding out B is the goal. You can test soil by digging some up at the root zone mixing it with water of known ph letting it settle and adjust to get a measurement but to resolve it would still need transplant to flush if its out

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I took a root zone ph it’s the pic at 6.4

Could be phosphorus deficiency the leaves are looking thick or nitrogen toxicity right about now I am making educated guesses as I keep studying looking for other possible causes you also have to keep in mind any recovery will not be instant and that some symptoms take weeks to show

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I was checking out the link. Zinc looks the closet to me? And the solution is flush with ph’d water with half the nutrients? I’ll give it another couple days if it doesn’t start getting better I’ll transplant and flush them. Thanks for your help

Lol problem is I am OCD so will be researching and looking at possible issues for hours to come :slight_smile:

Lol. Me too

You had a real high pH at above 8.0 something, right?

You need to give it some time, nothing is instant in soil, it will take a couple of days in soil to see changes. Keep an eye especially on small new growth, this should start looking much better the quickest.


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It’s looking way better on the new growth and she has started getting bigger. Think I’m on the right track now. Thanks donaldj and macgyver… Ph, ph, ph…lol I will never forget that one.


9/10 it’s ph related

@Skywalker22 One thing I noticed that may be a problem in the future is the wide swing of temps from day to night. When you get the initial problem corrected, you may address how to lower the day temp and raise the night temp a little. A 30 degree swing in temps may not help your growing situation much. Maybe you can correct it with more ventilation in daytime or insulating during the night. Hope your grow comes out good. Jerry

Yeah it’s hard to control here. Sometimes our lows hit 0 to 10 degrees. So even keeping it 55 at night is difficult and expensive. I think next winter I’ll do an indoor setup! Summer is easy here though


M maybe look for root worms if there any other your plans aren’t sick look for root worms you might have a parasite of some kind