Never seen this b4


Just started my ilgm gscx , as soon as I placed the seed in water it sunk to the bottom, is this ok I thought it was to float 4 a day


It happens some times. Its not that uncommon.

Happy growing :slight_smile:


About 1/2 of my seeds sank right away. The others just didn’t want to sink.


@Dumme and @Matthew420 thanks guys I was getting scared, but if all say its cool,than cool, also these were the smallest seeds I’ve ever used never had good luck with the small ones but lets c what happens. Can’t wait, I bet this will be the best smoke I’ve ever had@ least I hope so.


Sometimes they never sink. You can try just popping them under water with your finger. Eventually, most will stay down. Can take hours, though…


No problem man, that’s why we’re here. :wink:



And rest assured. @Dumme and the rest of the gang know they’re sh*t!


@Matthew420 yeah u right
Tru story


Generally the fresher the faster they sink . don’t leave them re then 3-4 hours in water , if they sink immediately … Noticed this when breeding . new stocks for myself …
Hammer .


only 3-4 hours in water?


3-4 hours in wAter then place in damp towel in frig


@Matthew420 Not if i drop them in and they sink immediately . Then only 3-4 in water HR’s .My personnel pref .


Ah, gotcha. Pull the sinkers out first. I followed Robert’s 24-hour instructions and 12/12 germinated. I’ll try yours next time. Always looking to improve and learn.

Thanks for the tip!!!


Just a question . When you followed Roberts instructs did you have immediate sinkers ??


@Hammer Some sank right away, yes. Some floated for a couple hours, some floated for like 12 hours.

Funny thing is. I visually sorted the seeds by how they looked and kept track of them. The 5 “good looking seeds” are way ahead of the others. Some seeds were pretty green. They germinated but way behind.


Will post pics soon


I’ll correct myself. They all floated for at least like a minute before some sank. They weren’t bricks. I looked back at my pics.


The beauty of keeping records, I forget pretty quickly.


Mine did the same thing my GSC sank and my Gold Leaf never did but both are sprouts now still 100% germination with ilgm .


They all grow. Magic beans for sure!