Never received shipment

Well I’m not on anyone’s side,and while this is a decent support site I must say something fishy is going on with them.I was told by I’m an email that if your package has shipped a refund is not an option until 30 business days have gone by and no package has showed up.when my package never arrived I asked for a reship and the very next day I got an email confirmation that my order had been reshipped,3 days after my “confirmation” of a reship I saw many post about packages not arriving so I decided to see if I could get a refund and it WAS I am in no shape or form complaining cause I did get my $$ back but I thought refund was not an option until after 30 business days and no package.I think common sense will tell anyone obviously my reship was never actually reshiped or I would have had to wait another 30 business days before a refund.I would also like to say a forum topic named feedback & suggestions-customer experience would be for CUSTOMERS,hence you can’t be a customer unless you buy from the Web shop…

2#Still no seeds) and my fist order I got turned herme, thats so not cool so that means my other two orders are herme to thats not cool:( I had high hope when I ordered my first time now im disappointed (fair dose not exists anymore) ill give one more weeks for order to come then im reporting to cc this is just to long

I lost my internet and don’t have time to email that my last shipment made it… I will as soon we get the net back… but, it looks like my mail carrier picked my package to keep… the smaller package worked.

You should set-up pay-pal so you can take funds for shipping after the stolen shipment has made it.

iv ordered a shipment on april 29 and have not received it yet??? there a problem here?? thanx

ilgm is not the only company having problems with shipments to the U.S but they are a legitimate seed bank and their product is very high quality.all 10 seeds I received from them germinated and grew well but it appears they are still trying to find an effective stealth shipping method. they did have to re ship my first order so I order new seeds well in advance of when I need them and order enough seeds for 2 or more grows. they still need to find an effective stealth method but their product is very high quality and reasonably priced.

Ladies and gentlemen I got my seeds today all in tack very good stealth package thank you very much will order again but I will expect issues and delays people they kept their word…again thank you so much

Told you be patient …these people are solid .

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how much did they pay you to write that

No joke I till you I was getting pissed bout to start asking for refund got email that they where sent 5/19 figured 10 days on 5/29"in box man I till just Wait They Will Come First time I’ve Ordered Seeds Didn’t Think It Was That Big Of A Deal Shit Just Seeds I Mailed weed once to a friend in A CASSETE Tape Once No PROBLEM But That Was IN USA

Update seeds popped already getting ready for the pot !!!

Just wanted to put my experience out here for the record, ordered March 2015; never received, was told by Claire they would re-send my order, never received that one either, asked for a refund at this point haven’t received anything at all, since March 2015, not sure on what the issue is, never received anything from customs either … first time grower so I am super bummed over them unable to get my seeds to me, hopefully I will at least receive my refund as requested… Will post results if I get refund back… Dan

Can you e-mail back to verify you received a cash payment for order # 28668?

No one that knows anything about your order, or has any power to do anything about it, checks this public grow forum regularly. Latewood and I are in the states and have nothing to do with orders from the Netherlands. You need to contact the people in your original e-mails or