Never received shipment

I ordered February 27th and it is now April 11th and norhing.I talked to Claire who said my order wI’ll be reshiped but I still have no shipping confirmation.furthermore after looking at the recent reviews on other sites it looks like a whole lot of people are never getting what they paid for,so I must ask the question are they really even sending anything.I’m starting to think their shop is just a scam.all I want is what I payed for but everytime I email them I get some b.s. response back.I think they are just ripping people off

I’ve received 2 of the 3 orders I placed 3/22,3/24 and 3/26.The first shipment was snagged by customs which I got an email from Clair it had reshipped.The 2nd order I received 4/10,and this time it made it.
Carterman just stay in close contact with them,they are shipping because I got mine.

Hope this puts your mind at ease a little.

I’m trying to be patient and give them the benefit of the doubt,I understand stuff happens especially with what we are ordering.the more I look into reveiws the more I see people in the last few months having problems with them and never receiving orders that were supposedly shipped multiple times,but then again I see people like yourself saying they get multiple orders with no problem so I’m trying to be patient.I’ve aquire some other seeds to hold me over so I got some more time to wait.they have a great site and if I do get my order I won’t have a problem ordering again in the future,I’ll just have into take into acount that shit happens I guess

I’m in the same boat. Email, wait. get an email from Claire, Will reship, wait, no shipping confirmation. Still waiting. OK so they are busy, I get that, but after my original order 2/18/15 paid. I would think that a little consideration could be afforded to a paid customer.

I for one have never had any problems with anything that I have ordered over the past 3 years .Robert has a lot going for him and maybe its time for him to kick back and take a second look at what’s going on This is the first time that I heard there were reviews outside the forum…wow!! Not good…


Russian if you don’t mind me asking how did you know your package got snagged by customs?I’ve yet to receive a letter of confiscation from cbp like I have on packages in the past.I’m trying to believe that I’m not getting ripped off here but something that has been brought to my attention is just like garrigan62’s response,every good review you find especially off this form sound just like a response of a close friend of Roberts or a paid I see garrigan62 has already admitted to working for them part time so of course he gets what he orders cause he’s an employee.I mean I can’t really be that mad cause I did choose to buy from them but there is just too much that I’m seeing that is pointing more toward them ripping people off and maybe they were a legit company but it don’t seem that way now,go to Google and type in “is ilgm legit” and take a look for yourself

I meant to write Russ1 at the beginning not russian

I’ve been called worse. HAHAHA :smiley:

I do believe I got caught up in your post. For one I like there seeds, nutrients and support. I have never heard of a bad review about ILGM and I went to a lot of other places before joining ILGM and yes I google ilgm legit and found nothing to support what you are implying.
I wish I was good friends with Robert maybe my I wouldn’t have to pay for my seeds…lol

And Carterman…You need to read my response again I never said what you are implying. Just because your having trouble with them and I don’t blame you for being upset…but don’t take it out on me …ok?
They will take care of it. I really should have said that there most likely going through growing pains.
P.S I’em not mad @ all now i’em off to smoke one…


Well you are right about one thing,you aren’t the one who works for them,I made a mistake and ain’t scared to admit it,I wrote the wrong name and for that I’m sorry but obviously you didn’t Google anything.first bad reviews on grasscity,second is Cannabisseedbankguide,third is seedbank,fourth is rollitup then 40 magazine and on and on,I’m getting emails from people having the same problem,actually open your eyes and look and quit being so blind and you will see all the bad reviews

Oh and another thing you can say what you want cause my mind is made up and you ain’t changing it,the only thing that will change it is my package arriving,so as long as it ain’t here I’m gonna blast em all day long and on every site I can find,give me a day or two and I will have all the bad reviews and sites in which they came off compiled for all to see

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Bummer…I have an order from Mar. 5th I might not see 'till May… I guess I’ll try Dinafem (lousy seeds but cool packaging)… Too sad, I’ve been telling people this was the best place to get seeds.

That kinda sucks…seems to be a lot of that going on around here
E-mail the front office and let Clair know whats up
Best of luck to ya


Am I being scammedit been 31 days and I have not received my order what s goimg on how do I report to card company

I asked for a refund this morning and they said they would but it might be a dew days cause it has to be done manually by a financial officer or something

FYI,… Check your “Order Status” regards to re-sends…
My 1st. order did indeed arrive. However with the dreaded Green US Custom / Border Control Tape on it and totally violated… I immediately emailed support and included photos… of my package. (this was approx. shipping day 15 this package arrived),… I too received an email, apologizing and stating a resend would be sent out shortly. To expect a shipping confirmation then.
A few days went by without confirmation. Yet, upon going on site and checking my order status, I noticed it had been updated. I then emailed support asking if that may possibly my mean the resend had been shipped?? Within 24 hours I did get a reply, stating “Yes” indeed, it had been, and stated, during very busy times sometimes the shipping confirmation doesn’t go out right away.
It is now shipping day #5… just going to have to wait and see… I will keep all posted if indeed I receive my order. ( or not )…

So, have a look at your “Order Status”… may have just over looked your shipping confirmation also.

I grumbled about my orders not arriving after 100+ days and they deleted my comments (none of which broke any thread post rules) and put a ban on my thread post, you know - the thread that they changed the name of 3 times after me putting links to it on other seed bank review sites. I think its called “ILGM Customer Experience” now. Im sure once the thread becomes full of more people not getting their orders than getting them(which it is already pretty close), they will change the name again. NOTE: I did however get a refund on the 2 orders after supposed “reships” they claim they sent & over 100 days of chasing them down for it :disappointed:
Good luck on your order.

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OK, check out the rest of the forum. Obviously people are getting their seeds. Yes, obviously some are not, but if you do watch, sooner or later most of those people do get their re-ship if that is what they want, or when they request a refund, they do get that also.

Be patient, especially near the weekend, they do not work on the weekends, maybe that is a Netherlands thing, and they won’t see your e-mail for a few days if it was sent late on a Friday or something.

No one is intentionally screwing with anyone, but the nature of this type of transaction, you guys do realize, even if you have medical cards and it is legal even for recreational, it is still illegal to ship cannabis seeds to the USA.

Get a grip guys, if you work with them you will get what you ordered, if you aren’t that patient, you will get your money back. End of story!

Contact Claire or, directly.

Complaining here in a public forum doesn’t really help you much, it doesn’t make things happen faster, and if anything, it just bring even more attention to your internet activity and alerts any govment spies that want to ping your IP address, to find out where in the world you really are, that you are expecting something in the mail, duh. lol.

You should have enough genetics to keep your grow going. You should not rely on receiving genetics from a foreign country, and consider all time frames to be perfect. And; So few of you. :confounded:

Please post your customer support question by email to :

This forum is to offer expert advice on growing marijuana., for free. It is not part of the web shop. Please stop cluttering up forum with non grow related posts.

We left these topics open as a courtesy when other seed bank communities would have banned you over night. This area is for posts to insure we can help you; If you continue to “hate” day after day; We will have to close these topics. Don’t kill the messenger! :slight_smile:

You say this forum is for expert advice on growing but yet all I get is responses from people who can’t even grow their own plant but gonna try to tell me how to grow mine,yea that’s real expert advice.and !@#$ genetics,I should get what I pay for period,and some of us like new strains not the same old bullshit.and wow close the topic cause I can just start a new one and go ahead and ban me cause I can just use my program that gives me a random ip address and start a dummy email and make a new account,don’t have a feedback and suggestions column if you don’t want to hear people’s opinions or the truth about your company

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