Nevada 2020 outdoor first timer

This is my very first time, it’s hot out here, hot hot, how can I get started, I got all supplies. My question is should I keep it inside by window cause its 100 plus degrees here outside. I dont have any indoor grow supplies like lights, tents, or anything. Eager to get started. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.


Shade is your friend in Nevada lol, hydrate, critters to watch for. Seedlings are hard to start in this heat, starting in a south window, or if you can set them out in shaded or partly sunny spot every day till they are big enough to handle the climate. I have a daughter and another friend that grow outdoors and it’s challenging. Some success for sure. I got pictures lol. But it can be done… hope it helps man

Oh and black or dark color pots not good, roots don’t like to be too hot and a dark color pot gets hot fast in direct sun. Hang a tee shirt around it or paint them white. Happy growing

Thank you, I cant wait, I picked out a few shade spots but it’s so damn hot.

Yes it is hot, I’m north so 101* tomorrow and all week 97. Good luck with the grow

Welcome. What do you mean by “all supplies” but then say no light, etc…? Do you mean soil, pots, seeds?

I am only a beginner myself, but outdoors seems to be more challenging in some regions more than others. There are specific strains which do better in high heat.

I decide to grow indoors although as you said, I had nothing to do so. I got all the essentials from ILGM and Pot for Pot just to get started. I got an inexpensive light and learned quickly that my yields will be on the low side. However, I am learning so much for next grow. I turned a small closet into my “tent.” Girls are almost 4 weeks into flowering and although the buds are nowhere the size of what I see here, they do look good! With temps outside getting to near 100 F, I am glad I chose for indoors. Also, less pests and much more control over environmental factors. I used a basic coil CFL for the seedling stage and progressed to the mediocre grow light. I would highly advise an investment in a light if possible. Again, learned more light = higher yields!

Many experienced growers here willing to help. Let’s see what they suggest.

Good luck and keep posted.

Thank you, I mean I have all the outside stuff, pots, soil, seeds. I have a nice box garden maybe I can install a shade over it. I didnt want to get any indoor equipment. I figured I would put the seeds in the ground and water :slight_smile: it supposed to be 109 today, you guys think I’m wasting my time now, maybe I should wait a few months when temperatures are cooler ?

Hi, I’m a newbie here too, and in a very hot state, with humidity. I started my seeds indoors and learned that they only do so much in a window sill. I got one of those desktop grow lights that got reviews but only for seedlings (since I knew I would grow outside).

I got my plants, just 2 autos, going under that until they were big enough for a big pot. Then I hardened them by giving them a few hours a day outside for a few days. Now they are outside and doing great. I do move them around, depending on storms and sun intensity, and I have a ceiling fan in my covered area, so I can adjust airflow and shade.

Even though I did have a rocky start with the seeds, once I figured out what I was doing, well, they are doing really well now. Maybe not as huge as someone else with indoor perfect conditions, I admit. But they are pretty healthy. And watch for pests. I have them in a screened in area and still find an occasional bug issue.

Good luck!

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I was going to ask if your seeds are autos? If they are regular photo seeds your running out of time to get girls big enough to flower by mid September or when fall hours cause them to flower. If you have auto it doesn’t matter. If you want someone to answer you put @Dennis62 or their name lol and they will receive a notification.

I got the auto mix pack, jack Herer, bubble gum, og kush. @Dennis62

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Oh cool, your set to go. Good luck man. I’m an indoor grower and do both, I love my autos

Got started

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Awesome, since they are autos they will work fine. Yeah by end of October you will reward before it gets too cold here. They look happy :slight_smile: keep up the good work. I’m ahead of you by a week

I have two photos which will take me into November, but the auto done sooner I hope lol… keep me posted on your kids, and holler if ya got questions, if I can’t answer we got a lot of good growers on this forum.

Sorry @BeginnerGrow ment I’m a week ahead of you. I hate my phone auto correct lol.

Looking good, thanks @Dennis62

How much water do you think I should use ? I’ve been watering with 1 gallon every 3 days, soil feels pretty dry. Any help would me much appreciated. Thx @Dennis62

Watering is a issue, you only need water the hight and width of the plant, as you can see in my picture I water around the plant and with enough to get the soil wet down the hight of the plant. But you may need more with the heat outdoors. Do not dry out completely or you shock them but enough oxygen get to roots, wet dry cycle. I can teach my plants to drink every other day, but my daughter has to water twice a day in this heat. So water allow some time for oxygen to get in there and water again. Hope this is helpful

@BeginnerGrow can’t stress enough if allowed to dry too much can kill in no time outdoors. Happy growing

Thanks for your help ! @Dennis62

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Aren’t they cute at that stage? I couldn’t stop looking at mine.