Net suggestions, store bought/ DIY

As the title says, what do you use and what do you recommend?
I’m going to need them soon and this will be my first experience using such devices…

Like a trellis net? I considered building one, but decided to just spend $12 on amazon and save myself the time and hassle. It seems like a good net, but i dont think my autos will really need it. Good to have for the future i suppose

Yea, something I can support the branches with as they flower. I’m guessing I’ll probably have to make some sort of frame support at least for the nets.

I went DIY and have built mine out of bailing wire laced on a stand I built out of 1" PVC pipe. Don’t use non-metallic twine. Regular bailing twine is too fragile and will break as the plant grows and puts pressure on it.

The pic below is before I learned to use wire twine, but you get the idea.


I bought the $12 amazon one. Worked ok, it flexes quite a bit if you are bending branches and attaching to it. I think I would prefer one more sturdy like

I use this netting on a PVC frame. It is very light…works…something thicker might be a little more easy. Good Luck!

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I use the AC Infinity nets and build the frame with furniture PVC fittings. I have it so I can add an additional net if needed.


I have the elastic net and also built my own. I use brick layers string that stretches. I like the dyi better.

Very easy to make from 3/4” pvc. Built so I can add another layer.

I admit I got the idea from this forum


Thanks for the responses. I have been looking into the 1” pvc. Think I’ll tinker around making a few stands in the next couple days.

1" will be big enough…really not holding that much weight. Mine is a little larger so the fitting would fit over my tent poles…they double as uprights.



Just my opinion but 1” is overboard. I used 3/4” and not as bulky and is plenty strong. Again, just what i think.

If you make your own, consider brick layers string. Easy, cheap and stretches.

I’ll do that, thanks.

I have used two types of trellis netting. One is stretchy string that looks like :basketball: net string. The other is a nylon plastic type that doesn’t stretch as much and I prefer it best.

You can order many types and sizes. I don’t have a frame I use cup hooks screwed into the wall.

If you look good u can see them in the pics.