Nervous it water, nitrogen, pot size...i dunno

Strain; Seedsman Jack Herrera

Soil in pots: Miracle Grow Natures Care mixed with Miracle Grow Perlite. Target ratio was 1:4 Soil to Perlite, but its probably more like 1:5. Soil drains well.

System type? Just soil in a pot.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? No PH meter yet, its on order, have not received. Using tap water.

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: Until just this morning, had not used any nutrient. This morning used 1 teaspoon of General Organics BioThrive Grow 4-3-3 in 1 gallon of tap water. Only watered to moisten the top 2 inches of the soil, as the bottom still seems wet.

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor. 2x2x6 closet grow.

Light system, size? 300 W ViparSpectra LED light, suspended exactly 29.5 inches above the plant.

Temps; Day, Night Temp meter says temp high/low is 64/77 degrees. Thermostat in the space was set at 75 degrees until today (4/10), when changed to 78 degrees, in hopes it would help the soil dry out a bit faster.

Humidity; Day, Night Humidity meter says Low/High is 65%/85%, but never observed above 55% when checking plant during light hours. As this is typed, 1 hour after pics were taken, humidity at 54% .

Ventilation system: 600cfm in line fan at the top connected to the thermostat, turns on to keep temp at 78 or lower. LED light has a fan in it as well. No other fan in the space.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier None. just the plug in thermostat connected to the over head fan.

Co2 No - although, not quite sure what this means.

On March 28, the plant was growing strong, had rebounded from some droop and slight discoloration observed prior to transplanting into the current 2.6 gallon pot from seedling peat pot. (Transplant was done on 3/21). By 4/6, leaves were showing droop but no discoloration. Struggling to figure out if its over or under watered. Leaves are getting paper thin, and crispy, not fat and juicy, but there is NO discoloration, plant is strong green in color. Drilled more holes in the bottom of the pot to improve drainage, watered on 4/6 with tap water, then again today (4/10) with BioThrive Grow included. There is no improvement in the leaf droop/curl, so thinking its not underwatered, however the leaves remain thin and getting more brittle. It seems in the past 4-6 days leaf growth has really slowed down, but stem seemed to be gave grown thicker in that same time frame.

The soil that protrudes from the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot is wet, but the soil in the top 2 inches dries out in 3-4 days. Watered this morning just to moisten the top layers of the soil, minimal runoff, but not much water used. There seems to be good drainage.

Had not used any nutrients until this mornings watering, so not sure how this could be nitrogen related. Its possible its over watered, but leaves are not fat/juicy…its possible its underwatered, but when watered there is no obvious recovery of the leaves, its just keep drooping.

Is it the pot? Do it need to transplanted into a larger pot…


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Gotta let the plants dry out. You will probably want to start a nutrient regimen right away with the soil you have them in. I would also suggest putting a fan into your space to blow across the plants and the topsoil. This will help to dry things out. What you are experiencing is the plant telling you she’s drowning. You can also drill or poke a bunch of holes in the sides of your pot which will help too.

Looking good so far and you caught it in time. Until your meter gets here I would suggest watering only with distilled and when you feed you REALLY need a PH meter for that.


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So, “drying out”…what is that exactly. I see a lot about it being 1-2 inches down from the top, but then I see the “pot lift test” where you don’t water again until the pot is much lighter…do I really just let it get bone dry top to bottom…really appreciate your response.

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Thanks! still nervous tho :anguished:


I think @Myfriendis410 has you covered. Try gauging weight of pot after a good watering for weight. Wet is heavy, dry lighter.

Pretty much! @pbrplz I actually get a little bit of wilt just prior to watering. This is not a good practice because you can hermi the plant if you go too far so I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s not the end of the world either. With that sized pot and the plant height you have now I would say you could go a good week without any water. The soil should be loose and airy so O can get to the roots.


Thank you all for your replies. A quick trip to Target has a clip fan installed at the height of the LED light, blowing a low but constant air flow on the plant about 30 inches above it. PH meter is supposed to arrive in the next day or so. Will not water again until the full pot has dried out. :pray:


I’ll give you one piece of advice! When you get nervous or, rather, you do not want it to go wrong and pH meter no, always prefer a little less fertilizer than more, take care! Then you do not mess up anything at all and I believe you’ll know everything you need a moment later: wink:

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You got some great advice so far @pbrplz Another small investment you might wish to make for future grow are cloth pots they work great allow air to reach soil and prevent pots from getting root bound
Most of us indoor grower us them
Here a link


@Countryboyjvd1971 So glad you posted that, I was just coming back tonight to ask about pot size. I went to drill some extra holes to help with drying out, and noticed roots coming out the existing drainage holes. That was not there last night!

These are cheap 2.6 gallon plastic pots, I thought this would be the final size pot, but I see you posted the 5 gallon fabric pots - so the question is, along with the dry out - do I need to transfer again, or should I be able to finish the grow in the 2.6 gallon pot?

(Edit) - Spent some time reading other posts on pot size. Needless to say, fabric pots are ordered, and will be transplanting when they arrive.

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