Nervice beginner, wanting to get my game plan ready

Hi guys.
It’s been a while sence I’ve been on these forums, but now I’m back.

For those who don’t know, I am a totally blind person, who has been doing research and is fixing to attempt to grow without sited help, except for online help. lol

I will be using advanced nutrients perfect pH Micro, Grow and bloom, along with Voodoo Juice, B52, Big Bud, and overdrive for the nutes.

I ordered 5 Auto Blueberry, and 10 White widow autos from ILGM.
I will be growing in this hydro box.

I’m not sure which I’ll try growing first, I really want to start with the Auto Blueberry, but figured I’d see if anyone else had ideas on which I should start with. haha

Now, here are my questions.
The box comes with Jiffy Pellets…

Once my seeds show up, what exactly should I do?

Asume I know nothing about growing, because… well, I don’t. lol

The box comes with net pots, so do I just put 2 seeds in 2 jiffy pellets, and place them in the net pots, fill the hydro up, and turn everything on?

I’ll stop here to let everyone explain the basics. lol


I suggest you do one of each , white widow and a blueberry , just 2 at one time . But before you start the seeds do a dry run for about a week and make sure your temperature , humidity , stays in range and just ph water and figure out how often you will have to add water and how far your ph will swing each day . Once you get it dial in plant your seeds and give a grow .


Hi Yoshi,
I thought about doing 1 seed of blueberry and 1 seed of white widow, but I noticed the blueberry can get quite a bit taller.
I wasn’t sure if that might cause problems for the shorter white widow getting light.

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I have a mixed Garden going right now and it’s often more difficult. I think you’d be doing well to grow similar size plants together

I think you do well starting with the Autos, like you were planning

From my experience with hybrid seeds , I had a white widow out stretch my tent , and the blueberry did almost the same , but if you decide to grow the 2 together , you can train them ah little by tying down some of the bigger stretching stems , and try to control the stretch , but make sure you getting light completely thru the canopy and you will fine .

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Just an update.
My Grow box should be here Wed, and I’m still waiting on the ILGM seeds. I ordered on the 13th of this month I think, so starting to get anctious. lol

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We all know the anxiety of waiting to not only get started , but to grow and veg , flower and harvest , well let me be the first to say this would be a great time to start exercising your patience .


My ILGM seeds showed up!

My box will be here either tomorrow or the next day…

So, what do I need to do to the jiffy pellets to germinate?

Do I need to soak them in pH corrected water for a while?

General info on germinating in Jiffy pellets is welcome as well.
I’m sure everyone can remember how nervice they were the first time they germinated the 1st little guys.
I want to give them the best shot.

Right now I was thinking I will soack the jiffy pellets in pH water of about 5.8 for a few hours, squeeze the water out, pop a seed in the pellet…
Then do I put it in the grow box, or what?

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That’s should work , never doubt your learning are your ability . Keep reading the grow bible , and keep your water at 5.8 doing vegging . Soak your pellets , run your lights 24/0 until they sprout , after they sprout out pellets , you might want to put them in they final pot and simply just break the pellet into the soil and that should work fine . I’ve never started seeds in a pellet , I just germ them in a paper towel and plant them and half inch in the soil until they sprout , but your method should work great , it’s many growers on here that start with pellets . But once they sprout , don’t do what most newbies do and over water them , just get a small spray bottle and mist them real good until they get about 2-3 nodes high , but I mist them until they about 4-5 nodes high , that’s just me , but you definitely on the right track . Don’t get anxious and start feeding them to soon , let the plant grow about 4-6 inches high which should be about 5 nodes before you think about feeding them , but just be patient , relax , and take your time your have 4 months to go before you will have fruits !

That sounds about perfect! The only thing I would do different is put them on a propagation mat or a source of heat some people put them on the TV box etc. and if you don’t have a tray and Dome put them in a ziplock bag to retain the moisture or something like, that some people use half 2 liter bottles and mist occasionally! -good luck! :slight_smile:

Well, I’m just waiting on the light to show up now.
It didn’t show up with the box, but it should be here tomorrow.

Then, if all goes well I’ll start germinating hopefully. lol

So, how wet should the jiffy pellets stay during germination?

I know you don’t want to keep them soaked, right? Or should I let them dry until they feel damp, or is that too dry?


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Can you put seeds in tow l or water in light on probation may in dome