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@Myfriendis410 hey our mutual buddy Brian suggested you might be able to help me with some questions… I’m switching from single bucket dwc to autopot XL I’ve got the 6.6 gallon plastic but I am going to use three gallon grow bags with coco and vermiculite I’m using GH nutes. I’m going to precharge my cocoa before I add to vermiculite with 7.5 mils of Cal mag per gallon soaked overnight I read up about the cation “business” with the sodium and potassium chemical bonds hence why I’m pre charging the Coco so I don’t have Cal mag and lockout issues. Now what I was hoping you could help me with is I’m familiar with GH feed charts the latest being the three-part the six part and the 10 part. I’m guessing with autoflowers which is all I grow Brian recommends using a half to a quarter strength but he doesn’t like to commit to a feed chart this is new to me having a reservoir I’m used to dumping the bucket once a week and mixing a new batch of nutes so I’ll be building up the nutrient solution initially as I feed into week two and three because the plants don’t drink that much I’m only going to be running two plants off the rest of our at a time Brian suggested starting with a 5 gallon solution but I’m looking for your help as to what the chart fits best for me. I am running GH armor si Cal mag koolbloom liquid (I have floralicious plus I used in one grow only) the three parts of the Flora grow series and hydroguard and liquid orca also have great white. Any advice or insights you could provide are greatly appreciated. Attached a pic of the seedlings

and the end of an era… single bucket pH fluctuations and headaches and wasted water… Everyone is dialed in I need help switch to feeding autos in autopots. These seedling are in a “trial” mix of coco and vermiculite but not buffered with Cal mag… Everywhere I read to charge it first Brian doesn’t and does excellent work… Should I feed anything now etc step by step feed me some info from here… :grin::v:


Sorry; been out of the country.

I have done base nutes, Lucas Formula and the ‘full monty’. I always try for a moderate TDS with GH and target 900 ppm in veg with around 1,100 ppm in flower. Never really saw a difference in results using the entire line over base three and cal mag. Autoflowers are not in my wheelhouse and would listen to Brian when it comes to recommended TDS.

I liked the autopots and intend to do my next run with four XL’s I have: just need to do a thorough cleaning of them before use. I’m also going to run fabric pots instead of the supplied plastic ones.