Neem solution to get rid of mites, aphids and thrips on your marijuana plants


I’ve had a big bug problem (largely spider mites and aphids) for the better part of three years. I’ve used insecticides like pyrethrums and kelthane, but ended up deciding not to put any chemicals on something I was planning to smoke. I depended largely on green lacewings to get rid of aphids and predatory mites to prey on spider mites. These bugs were rather expensive because I was forced to keep reintroducing them. With high temperatures, the mites didn’t perform that well. The lacewings all ended up flying away or into the light after about two weeks.

I watched a documentary on TV that talked about the controversy in regard to an American company attempting to patent products from the Indian neem tree. I looked up some more info online and found some debates on its effectiveness. The oil that comes from the seeds of the tree upsets many insects’ hormonal balances, making them sterile. In terms of humans, the oil has zero effect. Indeed, neem oil is used in India as a popular ingredient for toothpastes and other preparations for hygiene.

I located a product called “Nemesis” which contains 100% neem oil. For the better part of six months, I’ve been using this product and mixing a teaspoon (5 ml) of it into 500 ml of water and giving the marijuana plant a spray once per month. The bugs don’t seem to stick around. Additionally, I add 15 ml (1 tablespoon) to a 50-liter (11-gallon) reservoir that has entirely stopped any bugs in the growth medium. I recommend that anyone with a pest problem use neem oil. It has certainly helped me out. Jason

Thanks for the info. I know a lot of people will use the information in your analysis. There are also plenty of other sources for neem oil (like DynaGrow) that you can find in many places online.

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