Neem & Paraffinic Oil N/A in Canada. Alternatives?

After much shopping & consultation, the chemicals guy at Sheridan Nursery (big Canadian chain) told me that Neem Oil was banned for sale as a horticultural product in 2008. When I asked him about Paraffinic Oil, he had never heard of it, so I’m assuming it’s also banned in Canada.

Any alternatives in Canada?
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@Benny_Profane , to be completely honest, I dont use Neem oil. I use BT and safers primarily, unless Im targeting something specific.

Azamax can be gotten in Canada you may want to go to a few hydro shops and ask in person. Any compassion club can get it for you. Neem cake and karanja work well and can be gotten as a amendment only. Preditors are cheap enough. But use sprays first and finish with a kit of preditors. U may be able to get spinosad on amazon not sure tho

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tried neem oil…more than a few times. WORTHLESS
Uncle Jacks Bug Killer…is your answer.