Neem oil use ratio

Can I get a ratio on how people usually mix there Neem oil for fungus gnats

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I haven’t seen many use Neem oil for fungus gnats. Yellow sticky traps and mosquito bits are far more common. Lots of growers steer away from Neem. It’s fine too use on vegging plants, but in flower, the oil is absorbed and can make the smoke harsh.


Neem oil won’t do you any good. Fungus gnats don’t eat the leaves. @Borderryan22 has the best answer. Another would be to make sure the soil is drying out properly. Wet soil will allow for their cycle to continue. Also, diatomaceous earth will prevent them from emerging from the soil when they become adults.



If your looking to foliar spray, the ratio is 5 ml neem oil per liter/quart of water. Don’t forget to add a few drops of dish soap, as the oil won’t mix well on its own.

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I use misquote bits for fungus gnats. I water with them and put some in a spray bottle to mist the soil. It works great. :blush::v:Happy Growing

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