Neem oil question

The biggest print on the bottle says:

“Do not apply neem oil in direct sunlight”

I was going to spray when the lights came on but now I’m not sure ?

when is the best time to spray neem oil ?

please do it prior to lights out. I turn the grow lights out, increase fan flow and make sure they are dry prior to lights out!

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I’m not understanding @durabloom …I’m not exactly sure when you’re saying to spray it ?

at lights out and hope they mostly dry before lights on run fans etc’’’


I normally do it just before or at lights out
If you are worried lift the lights and drop them again next cycle

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I have used Neem Oil outdoors and spray early evening, as the sun is setting behind trees…light enough to see but no direct sunlight.


Just make sure they are not wet when the lights go out. Mold reasons. Which will develop. I turn off the grow lights and keep the florescent lights on and increase air circulation.