Neem oil or captain jacks?

I’m a newbie, first outdoor grow, (starting indoor zkittles, so more questions later lol) so please understand my ignorance :shushing_face:
I do not know what stage these are in, I’m assuming veg, so I don’t know if neem will affect these, or if I should use captain jacks dead bug.
I have occasionally seen a bug here or there, and expect that with a outdoor grow, but don’t want a issue to get out of control as I know it can quickly

Oh, ignore the :dog2: he likes to guard them

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Both products work, though I seem to hear more reports of success from captain jacks dead bug.

They are both safe for your plants at this stage

I think that they are both ok even into flowering

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If growing outdoors in a climate that produces pests like moths, mites and aphids; you have to get on some kind of preventative program to keep them down. In addition to C.J.'s, another product should be alternated weekly with it called “Safer Caterpillar Killer” and plan on doing a peroxide bud wash at harvest.

Another helper is to purchase horticulture screen bags and keep them enclosed in them to keep insects off the plants.

Plants in veg have much more vigorous immune systems and can fight off a lot of insect pests. It’s when you get into flower that you really have to be diligent.


I use Neem oil, peppermint oil, and Tea Tree Castile Soap in a spray bottle with warm water. Seems to work for me.

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Neem oil should not be used after buds start growing in makes the buds taste nasty.

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Ahh thanks for the clarification on that ^^^

Captain Jacks.

I have had success with diatomaceous earth with a powder sprayer I found on Amazon. I also have made sprays with rosemary, tea tree, pine, and mint oils with Castile soap.