Needing tips on automating greenhouse

Hi guys, relatively new at growing! I’m interested in growing in a greenhouse and was hoping anyone could give me tips on automating it to minimise the labour work and for optimal results.

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I’ll tag you in to my greenhouse grow

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Do you already have a greenhouse I got mine from Tractor Supply I wouldn’t buy it again, it’s a flimsy piece of crap. I’ve added a tun of additional reinforcement. It withstood 70+ mile an hour winds the other day. I could tell that it wouldn’t have survived without the upgrades. I have swamp cooler on a timer and a drip irrigation system in there. It’s pretty much automatic. The plants are in the ground not in pots. I think most people use pots in there greenhouses.

Lucky you got those upgrades when you did! No I haven’t got a greenhouse yet I’m planning to get one thats relatively big and sturdy as I’m hoping to grow multiple plants