Needing some help with my grow

That makes sense!

After a good flush with 6.8 ro and a lil bit of urb water!
They look a whole lot better to me today! And I have been working on punching more holes in the pots.

IMG_20200205_075024|690x388, 50%

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Nicely done.
Hey what light are you using in that room? Or is it a sun room?

HLG 550 V2 Eco LED Grow Light

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Noice very noice

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So I got the pH right and I transferred into a fabric pots… Now I’m getting 3 fingered leaves… They were 5-7 before… Did this autoflower change back to veg mode?

Ughhh… Idk but you should never transplant autos should have just stuck it out and done fabric next grow.

To be safe you could put it in 2 days of darkness

Yeah my friend thought a light shock might do her good. All a learning curve here. At least I’ll have some fruit from my labor here soon from the others at least!

So an update. I harvested the girls and they are drying right now. They aren’t top shelf… But it’s a successful run finally! I still have the one plant that doesn’t know what to do… I took it outside and in 3 days it seemed to start to do get back to where it’s supposed to be. I now have a new run going that’s the same breed as the other. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES AUTO FLOWERS. However I have learned so much more since then! Ph I believe was the main issue. Not ph-ing my water after nutes were added. Ty @Nicky for the help! The run off is something I’ve been working on getting up and I think it’s help tremendously! I do have a new question… Why are the tips of these pistols slightly dark and not all white? Take a look!

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They are starting to finish still a couple of weeks though.
Glad to hear you excited and prepared for the next one

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I did it wrong for a whole grow until someone spotted my mistake, dont feel bad

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Yeah the first run was fine wrong… they are drying as we speak!

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