Needing some advice

Hello all . I’ve got a bit of an issue I’ve never had before and here it is. I have 5 plants that are all in a scrog net and they run through a recirculating setup and one of my plants suddenly just stopped and wouldn’t grow anymore and now when I turn my water off to perform maintenance or whatever I’ve noticed that that bucket smell ruined and when j inspected the roots I noticed out of all my plants root balls that all look kind of plastic . Like a fishes bones maybe strong nice looking thos roots on that plant were…icky feeling and kind of like a person’s hair under water kindnof wavy and just floating with no liveliness. I feel like j need to getvthat plant out ofv there but it only half way through the flower cycle but all the leaves invludungbthe sugar leafs are obviously on there way out. What would yall do or what should I do? Cut it out? Does it pose a threat to the rest of the plants? Thanks in advance. Oh and thats sour diesel just fyi thanks


Is that feed line clear and flowing correctly?

It was not actually. Was plugged up with clay pebbles butbi also found the air libmne had come loose and was not pumping air into the bucket. Between those two things I believe I’m too late. I’ve still hotv5 weeksbonbthatbsour diesel and I’m not sure how that plant would make it that long. All the leaves are gone and the sugar leaves are on thier waybout as well.

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