Needing some advice, please read…

I am growing this feminized GG#4 in Purple Cow Indicanja soil. She is week 7 of veg. As per Purple Cow instructions, I have ONLY given this plant pH’ed water (6.4 - 6.5). I have never feed her anything at anytime. The tips of the leaves seem burnt, like she’s getting to many nutrients but then again, I’ve never feed this plant??? Does she need to be feed or is the soil kinda “hot” and she still needs nothing? Kinda lost on this one. Help…


Do you know your runoff PPM? You may have gotten an abnormally hot bag of soil. It happens occasionally.


My meter for ppm is broke. I have a new one ordered.

A little tip burn isn’t really a bad thing. Keep an eye on it.

Does it look like a deficiency or a toxicity?

Nitrogen toxicity, but you don’t have the accompanying dark green, waxy leaves. Don’t worry too much about it. Keep us posted on PPM.

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I also have 2 in purple cow indicanja and have been feeding with reefertilzer grow 20-5-10 since week 4. Never had a problem

I think she’s just starting to get hungry. And it looks like it could be a very early potassium deficiency.


Sorry, i cant help you brother, but i sympathize with you. I overfed mine last week. Theyre going to be ok.