Needing advice skywalker indoors

Looking for advice have 5 gal pots using happy frog and fox farm nutritents. Week 1 of flower 12-12 lights lights are bloomspect 600w full spectrum. 4 in vent fan with separate acoll are coming in ave day temp 80 rh 45 to 50% during day 74 avg temp and humidity 50 to 55 avg night time at running humidifier.

I prefer a 6 inch fan, but other than that everything looks fine. Any particular advice you looking for?

Thanks for the reply. Not used to the process of an indoor did some researching on my own is Fox farm enough or is there a better. Did have a little nutrient burn early did catch it in time. New to the whole scrog and topping. Better lights? I have 8 in a 10x10 room more less

OK let’s see here.
Fox farms is great for cannibus , it can be a little hot for seedlings . Usually it doesn’t cause too much of a problem. I currently use fox farms happy frog.
I don’t have much experience with scrog , I just got my screens built haven’t set them up yet. @Covertgrower can probably find someone a little more experienced in it.
Better lights… Of course but it all comes down to a budget. A 10 x 10 is a big space and the proper lighting in led could be around 12 to 15 hundred. In a hid closer to 5 hundred.


@merlin44 @TDubWilly and @Myfriendis410 have experience scrogging.


But if you decide to consider lights @dbrn32 is our local lighting expert and could give you your options.

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Thanks that will help

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Nice thanks. What’s a typical vegtime if anyone has experience with this strain. Had it in veg for 8 weeks total been a rocky start with the watering schedule think I have that figured better. Do you stick to the FF schedule or do you ya 1/2 to 1/4 the recommended dose

I start half the first few feedings.

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Should’ve went 6 inch fan to not have to run the 4 full all the time

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As far as the veg time, I think @Familyman has experience with skywalker.

Yes. The question is how much in electricity and ventilation will you pay to overcome the heat created by burning enough hps lighting to power an awesome 10 x 10 grow.

I wouldn’t do it, but that’s just me.

I would rather start small and buy enough LED lighting to fill part of that space to start, then buying another light with every grow if my end game scenario was a 10x10

Many growers are different, but myself, I don’t think I would be willing to tackle more than 16-20sq ft with hps lighting with where LEDs currently stand technologically. I definitely wouldn’t tackle 100ft² of grow space with HID lighting. But like I said, that’s just me.

As far as the scrog goes, all I tell people anymore is that your building a flat plant to match a flat light, where you go from there is up to you. I’ve seen people talk like this or that is the only way to scrog but I’ve been successful doing all kinds of different things with a trellis.

The goal for me became not necessarily doing it one particular way because someone said it was right but to find the easiest way to “work with the net” from start to finish.

I grew one particularly large plant several years ago and the only way I attached the plant to the net was to “weave” it into the net. Worked like a charm the whole grow and the plant looked great… my net wasn’t intended to be disposable and harvest was a mutha! I had to cut every little weaved and twisted branch out of there and it really left a bad taste in my mouth all the extra work I felt like I was doing. A disposable net or simply clipping the plant to the top of the net instead of weaving it would have solved those problems. This is why I say only trellis advice I can give you is build yourself a super flat plant. You have to have the wherewithal to build a system that it’s easy to attach the plant to the net while it’s growing and easily detach it from the net at harvest.


I generally veg about 6-7 weeks. They get pretty big.


@Familyman I was wondering the same thing about the skywalker, mine are 39 days old and was worried how they were doing

Skywalker vegged 7 weeks. She got big.


I put the SCROG frame in place at about 4 weeks and veg and train for three to four weeks (about 60% frame fill) before flipping to flower.

My SCROG frames are on casters with one plant per frame. The frames are 1/2" PVC and the grid is construction twine which can be removed and restrung for harvest. The fabric pots sit on a grate which has the drip pan beneath for easy access.


That is a great looking setup

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