Needing advice on c02 setup next grow

I’m planning on using c02 for my 5x5 grow tent. I am wanting to use the smaller c02 bottles that you can hang in tent not the machine ones. What’s the best simple way to use it method? Is it only for flower stage or can it be used early veg stage?

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How much light output do you have inside your tent? @GreenThumb101


That’s the other part of the equation.


Well…my logic behind using it is there has to be a need. Otherwise we are just throwing money away lol and if the room isn’t sealed…

Lots of variables


Obviously climate-controlled, closed-loop system. VERY high light levels and I would run hydro for most nutrient uptake.


It’s a 1000 watt light in a 5x5 tent. I do have ventilation. I was looking at exhale co2.

I have heard that some people put it under there plant pots and still have ventilation so the co2 will hit the plants and vent out the rest. Does this work?

There is another method you can do to get CO2 and that is you have a Homebrewing store in your area, you can get a CO2 tank…I used a 5 gallon tank for my kegator which was a 7 cubic foot deep freezer with a temp control on it. So it never went below freezing.

But its not that simple as just put it in and expect it to work as you intend. Others have already pointed it out. I myself won’t be doing any CO2 in the house.

The place I used to get it filled at I think they also sold different sized tanks but that was back in the mid 2000’s.

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What kind of 1000w light are we talking? Is that true watts?

You need to be running a good bit of light to make real use of co2. I run between 2000-4000watts of led panels during flower in a 3x5 space, that is around 580 real watts as measured on a killawatt when running all my lights.
Co2 is heavy compared to the surrounding air, so if you go the exhale bag route I would hang them around your lights and let the co2 drift down. If you put on the bag floor it is harder to raise the co2 up to the canopy.

I use 2liter bottles with yeast + sugar + water. I’m using 4 cups sugar to 5 cups water and activating 1/2 tsp rum yeast in 1/2 cup 110 water for at least 3 minutes. Side note this yeast makes a tasty pizza dough too.

I do see a difference in my grows when I apply co2 regularly. I will be upgrading to a controlled solution in the future using canned co2 as my current method is much more wasteful.

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@Skydiver using the exhale bags…

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How much does the tanks run for? @ItsPat I’m pretty sure it’s 1000 true watts. With the exhale bag hanging up will I have to turn my carbon filter vent off? The light and ballist I run is from Vivosun. Also about how far away from light should it be away from exhale bag?