Needing advice for a noobie

i gave that video a watch, 2 things i’ll say is holy shit he’s an amazing grower, very knowledgeable and also i wish i lived near him he was selling a pound for 1500$ that seems extremely cheap hahah.

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also my nutes came today :smiley: a week less than expected which is nice, i just gotta wait till i get a bit more money so i can get the coco and find a good ph meter

the only bad thing is i had to tape the top because there was a cut in it, only lost a few drops which is fine


@Zenpha hi I’m on cc NSW just got wiped out by fires had some 4-5ft regulars of mine & 20 WW from ILGM in 4 plots so I’m going to get some auto’s & do what u r doing I’m on disability pension so gotta save I’ll text in on u c how u going & let u know how I’m going too good luck mate

I will still be needing your help soon, my first grow will be done here in a month or so, and I am going to use coco with the gh flora trio with my next grow, I can’t wait.

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Welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing some future grows.

Yeah man the fires have been crazy here for sure. And I’m in the same boat as you right now haha. Just one question, you know where I can a Ph pen shipped? Or if a store sells a decent ph pen

Thanks man, good luck with your new grow :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will be starting it soon.

I have this from that shop bud, its $290 atm.:pensive:

it seems expensive but its been heaps reliable… and unfortunately your going to need a EC pen as well as a pH pen so it may not be cheaper in the long run…

this device has both…

good luck with what you decide… remember you just spent $130 on nutes then on seeds pots etc… this piece of equipment (or the like) is what tells you and then all of us whats going on… so investing some coin is a good idea IMO…

btw I don’t care about the shop they are just good there and super fast post wise, but just get a good brand,


I mean, I wanna get into his hobby and I wanna do it right, I’m fairly sure hydroexperts has zippay available so I can purchase it through that :slight_smile: thank you so much for the suggestion i’ll be getting that. Another question I have is, what would my autos need PPM wise. and how would i lower/raise it?

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also do you just use tap water? or do you buy distilled water or make it?

yeah bud, its one of those things, and look I like mine, u can change the ppm scales , to ec (its the same as our seppo friends if we want) they use the hanna 500ppm…:grin:

but if anyone thinks this is not a good thing speak up but blue lab NZ made im pretty sure… :grinning:

and where are u bud? it wont really matter until u get the meter… then u can measure your water and see if its good enough… im on tank water, in concrete and plastic tanks, so 0ppms… there will be some in there but the meter isn’t sensitive enough, 5ppm increments. (I think I don’t have it here)

And I don’t think anyone should be using distilled ever IMO… unless the nutes specifically says ‘must’ be added to distilled water…:roll_eyes:

distilled water isn’t good for life, it stuffs with everything… its stripped of all its impurity’s, but leaves it ionic negative…

but if you get that meter or one similar and also get the pH buffer 4 and 7 doesn’t matter what brand, but u will need it to calibrate the meter every three months… it takes 5 seconds but its like getting a toy without batteries, and get some probe cleaner, if you can spare the coin… you can test your water if its ppms are deemed low enough by the general community just put in chlorine conditioner… the same ones from aquariums and your good to go.

if your water sux get a reverse osmosis filter, this heavily filter the water but it doest change the water like distilled- distilled can be the same again, you just add salts before you add your nutrients, but that’s defeating the purpose. :grinning:

that sounded like a lecture I didn’t mean it to be, :smile: your doing everything good buddy.:grin:

Once you add anything to this or the distilled contacts media like soil it behaves just fine. R/O and distilled are so low in solids that you then need to replace them in a controlled manner.

I worked as a whiskey distiller. We would make 500 gallons of R/O every day, pump into the cooker and then add several minerals to mimic Kentucky spring water. This is the same principle. If you start out with high TDS water (like my municipal water supply–550 ppm) you have to remember that it’s additive. So if you want to run 800 ppm of nutes you can only add 300 ppm worth of known salts to bring the TDS up to your value. If you add 800 ppm to your base water you will cause issues with the plant and taken to extreme can burn the plant.

FYI reverse osmosis relies on a membrane that will allow water to pass but strips the salts bonded to the water molecule away. It requires waste water to be generated and has to be done under pressure. Having made distilled water I can tell you it’s a miserable PITA to do.


okkkkay, way better explanation… so if you want to run 800 ppms but have 500 ppm water the max nut salt concentration is 300… makes a lot of sense… thankyou for explaining better…:grin:,


There’s a hydro shop in woy woy here but Amazon has Heep’s of stuff good luck

hahah all good man just a tad confusing, i’ll try and read more up on it, thanks man

@Gr8 and i’ll check out some stores thank you

sorry mate, get a good meter for measuring pH and electrical conductivity-ppm… everything else will fall into place. :grin:

Central coast Umina Beach & you? Fires wiped out some regulars I had going & 20WW I had in 4 plots up Toronto way all gone I think will know when they open NP & forests I’m 53 & have a bad knee so access is Paramount should’ve done it local so I’m going to save & get some auto’s do em at home with some nice home made soil have u done auto’s before? If so any tips? &Good luck this season

hahah nah it’s not your fault, it’s just all new to me, i’m just now learning about ph and ppm and all this stuff, never knew you needed all of this equipment. but i want my grows to be as successful as i possibly can get them so thank you