Needing advice for a noobie

Hey all, I recently got into marijuana growing and ordered some seeds. Before they arrive I just want to get prepared. I’ll give some information.

I’m in Australia and got 3x White Widow Autos
I think I have decided to use coco coir as my medium in 7gallon buckets. I chose to grow outside since it’s getting really god damn hot.

My main questions are about nutrients, I heard that in veg you need high N and low PK and the opposite for flower. But then I read autos don’t really have a veg stage and go into flowering fairly quickly. I did some research and apparently people have had high success with this exact nutrient.

would this be okay for my type of grow?

And if so would I only be using the florabloom since it goes into flowering a lot quicker? Or maybe a mixture of both. I’m sorry if this is such a novice question I have never grown anything in my life. Another small question, how often would I need to feed? Would it be only some days I feed and some days I only use water?

Thank you for your time, I have done research but everything is telling me something different and have gotten confused. Are there any other aussies that have grown autos outdoors and have had a successful grow with nutrients available here?


I use those nutrients…
I love them…
Depends on what kind of soil your going to be using …
Most people feed , water , feed , water…


wrap your nuts around what pH is and you will soar.


I will be using coco coir


hey bud, what your searching for is probably a good sized mesh pot and look on here in the soil building section there is a really good recipe.

then you don’t have to worry about the nutes!

because outside it doesn’t matter what u feed them they will flower when the sun tells them to flower and for us that will finish up in march- April- may, depending how much it rains… if u have to pull early.

nutes in coco outside in the Australian heat, I don’t no bud, sounds risky, sounds harder then it needs to be.

Welcome btw :grinning:


Thanks for the advice! I was going to add nutes to hopefully get bigger buds and make it grow as big as possible as this is going to be my first grow, would just making my own soil be enough for the 80 or so days for the plant to feed on? They are autos. Also why would it be a bad idea? I ask that with curiosity because I really have not grown anything in my life xD

Also thank you for the welcome!

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I really doesn’t work like that. :smile:

the same shop sell heavy duty fabric pots id get the biggest, I can fit, like big…

Heavy Duty Fabric Reusable Plant Smart Geo Pot - 600GSM [Dimension: (Height - 30CM; Diameter - 55CM; Volume - 75.7L (20 Gallon))]

mix up as good a soil as I can, there is a recipe in the soil building section.

if you are growing autos in summer in Australia u don’t need to plant now, any where.

so what id do is spend the energy into making and looking after the soil as if that was the plant then, when its ready it you should germinate she will grow way better then any thing else, you will need a ph meter and a few other things but u will have a good experience, there may be hiccups along the way. but keep a journal of building the soil and everyone who grows that way will help u.

trust me its a nice easy way that produces the same or greater yields for everyone, new or old growers. If I was growing outside id grow that way, and have in the past. just not with that recipe.

but that special soil recipe has better proven results at exactly the way your growing then any nut you will find in a bottle. :grinning:

where r u any way?


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Thank you so much for the advice again hahah, okay so since you said that I have decided to just use soil. I’ll have a look around the soil building section, someone recommended me this soil,

and not to feed until day 50 or so. Would this be a good idea and then feed with the floragro at around day 50? I only ask to use this soil instead of making my own because I’ve never done it before and seems more advanced and more of a headache at the moment When I get the recipe down and have a successful grow I’ll be doing it all year round, also i’m located in NSW

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If you want to just use soil and not have to mix anything or use nutrients then just get yourself some kindsoil or Detroit nutrient companies “water only” soil. I’m on my 3rd grow (2nd of kindsoil or water only ) and have had awesome results. I’ll tag you and show you what the results have been !

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I was all excited to see you using coco and now I’m bummed haha. The ‘soilless’ method is amazing with larger plants and higher yields over soil. The GH base nutrients you put up earlier are what I use as well and it’s a great, economical product line. Just download a ‘Drain to Waste’ hydro schedule and use as many as they call out or just those 3. You will want some cal mag as well in coco.

@Not2SureYet is a great coco and auto grower. Maybe he’ll weigh in.


If you were in coco. I could be a big help. How ever. if you are changing to soil. My help would be a little more limited. One thing I found for me is autos do not like fed as heavy as photos do. I feed my autos some where between 350 and 500ppm. Photos about 600 - 900ppm. I am in coco and use the GH nutes you have there. Also. For autos. a 5 gallon pot should be good for about any sized auto. The bigger the pot. The slower the autos grow. You will see faster growth in a 3 gallon normally. I use then for smaller plants. Ones I would not expect more than 4 or 5 oz from. Not sure if any of this helps you or not.


guys its his first grow, and its outside,… do you think he should go cocco?

and GH are not economical here they are super expensive.


I would say kindsoil would be the way to go if growing autos, but if its photos I’d say just a good promix and canna coco mix should suffice if also doing nutes . What kind of pot is he growing in ?


Yay, another Aussie, welcome to the forum, I’m in SA, we’re taking over. :laughing:


and another one from Tassie here in western uk…the weather is shite :frowning_face:


soil and a roo repellent

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canna will do the trick, I only use their nutes and reap the rewards
it is very important to check the EXPIRY DATES on Canna products before purchasing. Amazon sells the stuff.

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If i were to use coco, at what time should i be feeding? and i saw a video of someone growing autos in coco using the nutes i posted and he used 1/4 of the recommended, would that be enough? would that be 4 to 5 oz from one plant? that sounds like a ton of weed to me haha, also this will be grown outside does the season matter? It’s pretty much summer in aus.


i’ll be growing in 7oz fabric pots