Needed some help

Hello everyone i have a plant she broke in half :cry: however i continued to grow the bottom half which was alive. 4 week into flower i took her out to inspect and notice these “i wanna say pods” but not sure if these are balls or if by looking at this pic can you tell me if this a hermie and i should pull it away from the other ladies? thanks for all the help and knowledge you all share!

Welcome! No pic loaded. If they look like this they are starter calyx (female parts)

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thank you for the reply. Yes that is exactly what i am seeing. So it is okay to continue with her grow along side her sisters . Not sure how to upload my pictures this is my first post LOL. I just read to gain info but now i need to ask questions and find out how to upload pictures from my computer. thanks again!

I’m not sure on the computer. I’ve never logged on from the computer. If it’s anything like on mobile there is a picture of a landscape on the bottom right. Click on that and select the photo you want to upload.

thanks . ill use my phone when loading pics… Much appreciate the help have a good day.


Those have hairs